What Does a Blogger Do?

This is a question you might need to answer a ton as people wonder how you in the world you’re making $5,000+ a month from this simple website that you’ve created. What does a blogger do? A blogger writes content that is helpful to the audience. The content answers a question and fulfills a need. …

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Why Blogging Is Important

Whenever I talk about blogging to someone they always give me a weird face. It’s not unlike the face they make when I tell them I collect Funko dolls. It’s sort of like they want to say that I’m a fucking idiot for suggesting that they sit down and actually write content when they believe …

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Is Blogging Worth It?

Many of you that read this will be the people that are wasting their time blogging. Others will be asking the question is blogging worth it? Well yes, for some people and no for most people. Some blogs make money. Some blogs get good traffic. Most don’t however and these end up being the people …

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