The Compound Effect

When you’re trying to make money it can be easy to overlook the compounding effect of consistently helping people over time.

At the beginning, things seem slow because nobody knows you. Then a couple of people do and if you’re lucky some of those people will start mentioning you to others.

This might not seem like anything but it continues to happen in small bits until one day you have 1000s of people recommending you.

Your Feel Good Funnel not only runs on the content that you create, but also the love that your audience has for you. Reputation still means something in this world.

  • The more people that recommend you, the more people start to follow you (you know, followers that actually pay attention).
  • The more content that you give away the more pieces of content you have available to share.
  • The more people sharing and visiting your content, the more Google starts to take notice and send traffic your way which in turn leads to MORE people coming across your content.
  • The more people being exposed to your content, the more money you’ll make.

It doesn’t happen overnight, but it does happen if you stick with it.

What happens when 100,000 a people a month are coming across my content (social media, site content, emails, etc)? Are they coming across content that isn’t memorable or are they coming across content that moves them forward?

Do I still need to work as hard then as I do now?

Build Your System, Build Your World

Building a world is a different mindset than trying to figure out the specific tactic that you think you need to create a successful business.

Now you have the ability to go out and do it. From here you have 4 options:

  1. Disappear from my life forever and go do your own thing.
  2. Continue to follow along and see what else I bring to the table (catch me on Threads or sign up for the Newsletter).
  3. Join Full Stack Engines and get access to Feel Good Funnels Part II.
  4. Let me build your Feel Good Funnel for you.

No matter what you decide I wish you the best of luck. Trust that you got this because you really do.