Deeper Experiences

I think social media has put us in a weird position. We see how social media can make our businesses blow up but it’s not really talked about if this is good or bad.

Or better yet if it’s even giving us the right people.

You have to imagine that people today are a bit more cautious with their time and money. Nothing is really so new that people are going to run and throw you their credit card.

And yet we create content hoping that this is the post that will finally do it. But I think for a lot of people social media doesn’t work the way we think it does.

Let me explain.

We Have Multiple Problems. We Just Don’t Know It Yet.

No matter what journey we are on we are going to encounter multiple problems that we must overcome.

That’s what makes for a good story.

The issue is that we don’t know that we are going to have multiple problems. We simply know about the problem in front of us.

And so we scroll through social media looking for that piece of content that will take care of that problem. It doesn’t matter if we are doing it consciously or subconsciously.

We are doing it.

That’s why the content that sticks out to us (I’m not talking about the entertainment-type content) is the content that is close to the problem(s) that we have.

And this is the social media trap because when we create that content and we get solid engagement from it, we think we did something great. And we kind of did. We helped people but the problem is that a very small percentage might go on and buy from us because of it.

The rest? They’ll go back to their journey not knowing they are about to encounter another problem.

So then we have to hope that they catch us again on social media so that we can help them with that problem. Hopefully we’re talking about it because if not someone else will.

This weird sequence of events repeats itself and every day we show up hoping that we can be in the right part of the sequence at the right time to help the right person.

It probably sounds crazy when I say it like that but it’s true.

However, what if we took a different approach?

Take Care of This Problem and the Next…

What if we solved the current problem and then helped them with the next problem before they got to it? What if we helped them with multiple problems before they encountered them?

It would feel like a shortcut on their journey but the problem is that we can’t do that on social media. There isn’t enough time or space.

Social media doesn’t allow for deeper experiences.

The majority of my students who have started out with short videos (TikTok or Instagram Reels) and found success have eventually moved on to longer-form videos on YouTube.


Because it’s crazy to only solve one problem when you know your people are going to encounter another one. So why not continue to help them in one sitting?

Give them a deeper experience that does a better job of showing them that they should buy from you.

You don’t have to do this on YouTube. I was using that as an example before I shared my own.

The Free Pocket Course is a conversion machine and it’s because it provides a deeper experience to cover the journey that you’re on. For those people who really want to go achieve the outcome have encounter any of the problems and frustrations, they’ll go through it.

And if someone goes through a deeper experience that you’ve provided and it has genuinely helped them, then what do you think is going to happen next?

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