Posting Signs

Look, none of this works if it doesn’t eventually bring you money. I want you to treat your audience in an amazing way but that doesn’t pay the bills.

The only way a Feel Good Funnel works is if you:

  • Help your audience feel like they are progressing with each piece of content they come across from you
  • Know that you have another level of help that you offer

We’ve talked a little bit about how you can create amazing content in this course and in The Pocket Course, so let’s talk about the signs you can post to ensure your audience knows that you have offers for them.

Social Media

It’s okay to mention your offers.

What matters is in the way that you mention them. If everyday you’re showing up telling people to buy your offers then that isn’t interesting to people.

If you post something that simply teases a solution and your people ask more and you tell them to just go and buy your offer then that isn’t a great feeling for people.

I think this is a great example of a couple of things. First, that’s a healthy amount of likes, but don’t confuse someone liking the idea of something to making money.

Next there really isn’t much information to go on so when a person asks How it’s done ( a reasonable question) what’s the person’s response?

Buy my thing.

Now, I get it. Some offers are so close to the beginning of the journey that if you give away any info then you’ve given away the offer. But what kind of experience is it for the person to ask how to do something because YOUR post provided almost no info and then get told to spend money to find the answer?

This doesn’t you still can’t get them to buy but wouldn’t it have been lovely to answer it in this way:

You need to find an area that you’re interested and can help people. Then choose an outcome and one problem that prevents them from getting the outcome. Then you put in this prompt:

{insert prompt}

And you’re good to go! If you’d like more details feel free to check out the book in my bio.

At least with this you’re guiding them and still giving them a reason to buy from you instead of simply telling them that buying is mandatory.

Do you see the difference?

Lurkers Are the Key

What’s most important on social media are the lurkers. The people that don’t engage much but they’re always watching.

They are the ones that notice patterns. They’ll see how often you’re around helping in not only your own comments, but the comment sections of others. This is one of the challenges of growing on social media early on when you want that growth to be with people that care about what you’re doing.

You have to spend time engaging so people get to know you.

Going Wide vs Going Deep

Many people wish to go wide with their content so they reach the most amount of people. This isn’t a bad strategy because the idea is that there is going to be some people in there that will want to buy from you.

But I’ve found that it’s easier for me to go deep more often than wide, because then I get the people I want sooner.

You build your customer.

Here is an example.

This Thread went crazy. Over 50k views and 1.2k likes.

I don’t think it added a single new follower and the traffic to my site didn’t increase. Compare that to this Thread…

Every vanity metric (views, likes, replies) is significantly lower, but this Thread gained me dozens of new followers and email subscribers. More importantly, it dove deeper into a topic that introduced people into my world.

It’s the Thread that led to this email.

Before it was okay to only focus on wide content because it was likely you were one of the few people in your niche even on social media.

But the world has changed and everyone is trying to get a piece of some pie so what is going to make your content stand out? The fact that you try to talk to everyone or the idea that you talk to the people who are ready to move forward now?

The deep content makes people wonder what else is there. It becomes a sign for your offers without you mentioning your offers. Of course, you can mention your offers in the deeper content. I do it all of the time which itself becomes another sign.

Your goal should be to create content that makes people start to believe that you’re the one that can guide them. If you do that then they’ll have no problem looking for more without you teasing them.

Website Content

For me, this is the most important type of content you can create. It allows you to go deep in a way that you can’t on social media and more importantly it allows you to do so in your own environment.

On your site there are no distractions. There are no other pieces of content trying to grab the reader’s attention.

The web browser isn’t trying to get the reader to keep moving.

Here are analytics from some of the lessons in The Pocket Course. The far right column is time on page. Where else can you get someone to pay attention to a single piece of content of yours for more than 5 minutes?

YouTube is a close second but even then you’re competing with everything else on the screen (although YouTube is amazing for world building, don’t sleep on it).

Some of these pages introduce the reader to the idea of my offers and again, does so in a way that seems natural. You’ve seen the references to Full Stack Engines throughout this course, but did you ever feel like I was hard selling it to you?

As long as the content that your audience is going through is helping them move forward, you should have no problem letting them know about your offers.

This person has been helping me immensely. Oh yeah, that’s right, they have that one course I should check out. I think I’m ready for it.

Not everyone wants more help and that’s okay. But the people that end up truly wanting to continue on the journey will follow you and buy from you.

This leaves you with Happy Neighbors.

The Traditional Funnel makes you money but it also leaves with you a lot of Unhappy Neighbors. Most of them don’t say anything to you, but they’ll have no problem telling other people.

And here is the annoying part. Your offer might be fine, but because they either felt forced to buy it or something felt like the big secret was hiding behind the offer they bought when they really didn’t want to and those feeling lingered with them.


Emails are a different breed of content because you don’t have to deal with algorithm and the people who read them chose to receive them (assuming you’ve been following what’s in this course).

This allows you a bit more freedom with the type of content that you send but the goal is still the same.

Help your audience progress and make sure they know about your offers.

In every single email that I send people get a reminder that I have offers waiting for them.

Email has value and then there is a reminder. Nothing pushy.

Just another sign being posted.

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