Starting Your Pocket Business

This is where things get interesting because you’ve been shown a map of how to do something, but this map has a million different paths.

Which path do you choose?

I’m going to give you three options. Are there more? Of course! But I’m only going to give you three and it depends on what you want.

Option 1: Do Your Own Research


You continue to do your own research. If you’re looking for a ton of content centered around digital products then I suggest you head on over to Odd Noodle and go through the library there.

There are a ton of posts that we’ve created that can guide you through many different things.

Option 2: Full Stack Engines


Full Stack Engines is a program that walks you through the steps that I outlined in previous lessons that we use to build the brands that we own along with our approach to our clients.

It shows you how to build what I like to call Automated Income Machines.

Option 3: Let Me Build It


The two biggest things that prevent people from successfully building a Pocket Business are time and mindset.

You can only work with the time that you’re given, which for many people isn’t much, and it’s a big waste of time when indecisiveness holds you back.

So I will build the foundation of your Pocket Business and deliver it to you in 28 business days. That gives you a headstart so you aren’t spending 6+ months trying to get up to speed.

More details on this offer can be found here and we only have 3 spots open each month.

You Got This

Whatever you decide to do it’s important to understand that you can do this. The examples that I’ve shown you throughout this course are about people who didn’t start with business-building skills.

They simply decided that they were going to make it work and eventually, they did.

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