The Offer

Once you have your outcome then you might move over to your unique mechanism. That’s what your offer is all about.

(Note: You don’t need to do an offer immediately if you aren’t sure what to create. Let’s just assume you have one though.)

In the previous lesson, I mentioned that my offer helps a person building a business solo to create systems that don’t drain their energy and can scale. In this case, Full Stack Engines is the offer that helps them achieve that vision.

An irresistible offer is what everything leads up to. You can do the most amazing content but if your offer is weak then it can feel like nothing is working.

Conversely if you have a great offer but not so great marketing, it can still feel like a struggle but you will get sales.

Which means when you combine great marketing (remember, marketing is helping people) with a great offer, then it’s hard to stop you.

Pay attention here because if you do you can see how I’ve started to plant the seeds for the type of messaging that will be in my funnels.

Selling can be as enjoyable as creating art.

This will be one of the themes in my world (we will get to the World concept in another lesson) so it’s important that I’m consistent with it throughout my funnel.

Your Offer

You don’t need to create it right now because you might not have an idea for one yet and that’s okay. But what you do need to know is the outcome you’re going to help them achieve.


Because your content is where you start to build your customer. People tend to think that the Sales Page does the selling, but the truth is your customer should already know they want to buy before they get to the page.

The Sales Page is there to justify the decision they’ve already made. And that’s what I mean when I talk about building your customer.

When you create a Godfather Offer then building out a Feel Good Funnel makes even more sense because you will never feel like you’re selling. The issue happens when your offer isn’t good enough so then you need go harder on selling and that defeats the purpose of everything that you’re learning here.

Read that again. Nevermind, I’ll say it again but in a different way.

When you do not have faith in your ability to help people then you spend more time trying to convince them than helping them. You give them content that doesn’t help them. Content that they don’t care about.

When there is an amazing offer at the end of the funnel then you have something great.

Everything that you do has to be viewed as a single system. A great offer doesn’t always save bad marketing and vice versa. Great marketing matched with a great offer however can make you unstoppable. Don’t think that one can save the other.

A better steering wheel doesn’t fix a broken motor.

Everything Is About the Offer

A Feel Good Funnel has a similarity to a traditional funnel in that everything that is done to it is to drive people to the offer.

Did you notice how I linked to Full Stack Engines above? Within a Feel Good Funnel you’re still planting plenty of flags to help people know and remember that your offers exist.

Every piece of content is doing something to drive people to the offer. I just want to get that out of the way because people like the idea of a Feel Good Funnel and then create a ton of random content thinking that people will buy.

It doesn’t work that way.

You’re still guiding them but let them choose their own path. Have no doubt, money is oxygen. The goal is to make money.

That’s why it’s important to view everything as a system.

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