6. Motivation Is for Kids

During this journey, there might be a point where you wake up and you don’t want to work on your business.

You’ll go to some online community and ask people how they stay motivated.

You’re on your way to creating a 6-figure a year business that will provide you with the freedom that people salivate over and you’re asking how to find motivation?

Seems kind of silly when I put it like that right?

If you’re the type that is constantly looking for motivation then you’re going to be the type that is constantly wondering why things aren’t going the way they want.

You either get things done with your business or you don’t.

It’s not always about waking up, loving life, and having the birds sing on your windowsill as you write another email for your funnel.

I say motivation is for kids because kids don’t know the future or anything about consequences.

They don’t know that sitting on their ass for 16 years is going to slow their development in the future.

You know all of those things.

You know why you’ve decided to take this journey.

You don’t need motivation.

You need to understand that getting to where you want to be isn’t a fun ride at Disney.

In fact, a lot of it sucks.

But that’s what makes the wins that much sweeter.

I will never offer you motivation or a pep talk. 

This journey isn’t about being positive for 3 years and not seeing results.

It’s about putting your head down, serving your audience daily, and being rewarded for it.

Ain’t no motivation involved there.

Burning Your Ships

Every time I tell this story I tell it differently so I’m sure there is a correct version out there.

Oh well.

Back in ancient times, there was an army sailing to another land to conquer it.

When they landed on shore their General commanded them to burn the ships.

They burned the ships but of course, the troops had questions and concerns.

They asked the General why they burned the ships and he told them:

Now you will win this battle because you have no other option. There is no turning back.

I felt this way when I had no job and I needed to pay bills.

I didn’t feel this way when I was comfortably miserable at a job. I always told myself I would work on my business but that I would start tomorrow.

I was getting a paycheck so what was the rush?

If you have a comfortable job you might find yourself coming home and lacking “motivation” to do anything.

It’s hard when your back isn’t against the wall to do things that aren’t fun.

Any good salesperson will tell you that you need to force people to take action. That’s why scarcity is always introduced.

There are a lot of parts of this Journey that just aren’t fun.

I don’t have any advice on how you overcome this if you’re in this situation.

I’m just making you aware of it and hopefully, you can figure it out.

Maybe you can add your own scarcity to your life.

Your Goal, Your Happiness

If you’re truly looking for happiness and motivation then you need to set a goal.

A big goal.


Because when people are doing things that are actively leading them closer to a goal, they are happier.

Every single day when we wake up to work on something within Odd Noodle we are happy to do it because our goal is to help everyone achieve the lifestyle of their dreams.

Therefore, everything that we do is geared towards that.

How could we not be happy or motivated knowing that we are helping others?

This also ties deeply into our Why. If you want to learn more about developing your Why and how it plays a strong part in developing your brand then I suggest you check out the FREE Pocket Business Handbook.