Don’t Fear Saturation, Embrace It

One of the common concerns I hear from my clients and students about building an online business is saturation.

How can I succeed when the space is already so saturated?

Let me tell you something right now.

Saturation is a myth.

I know, I know. You think I’m full of shit, but let me explain.

When people are looking for solutions to their problem, it doesn’t matter if it’s a physical product, a service, or something we don’t even know about, they are looking for something that fits them.

This doesn’t mean it has the features that they need.

This means that it fits their worldview and helps them envision the outcome that they want.

My Apple Watch tells time just like any other watch. There are other smart watches that probably have more features.

But Apple fits within my worldview and therefore I buy it.

In fact, Apple is a great example of never worrying about saturation.

It’s a running joke how every time Apple introduces something new, it’s not really new. It’s been done before.

And yet Apple talks about it as if it’s new.

And guess what? It is new.

Again, the features might not be new, but the worldview that it is being presented in is.

The Microsoft Zune, by all accounts, was a better product than the iPod. But it didn’t stand a chance.


Nobody knows what Microsoft’s worldview is. They just exist to make you more productive I guess?

That’s why no matter what type of music player they create, it’s going to seem off. Like it shouldn’t belong.

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