25. Necessity

This seems to be where almost everyone tries to start their brand.

You should try our product because it’s awesome and it will help you do this thing.

How many messages a day are you hit by a brand trying to tell you how their product does something?

Here’s the thing, most people don’t care if a thing does something.

They want to know if that thing will help them get to the end of their story and without understanding the Hero and their Problems, you can’t effectively communicate that to them.

With all of that being said, as their Guide, you better have a Plan.

When you can show people that you have a Plan to help them get through their story then you start to make money.

Think about why you’re here going through this Handbook.

If you didn’t believe that I was a Guide that understood your Problems and had a Plan to get you through those problems, would you have gotten this far?

So many people are worried about how to sell their products and services when there really is no big secret.

Have empathy for your main character and the problems they go through. Show them that you can be their guide with a plan.

Now, you might have trouble articulating that in some way (we will get through that) but as you can see, the formula isn’t complicated.

It is all in the framework.

But It Is Just a Blog

There is going to be confusion. You might be thinking that initially, you’re just going to start a blog or a YouTube Channel or an Instagram profile. How can you show that you have a plan?

The reality is, every blog post that you write becomes part of the plan.

Every video that make becomes part of the plan.

Every picture that you take becomes part of the plan.

When you step back and take a look at all of your blog posts (or any content that you create), do they come together as a solid plan that will guide the Hero to their transformation?

When you know the transformation you want to help the Hero attain, you almost never need to worry about a content strategy because you already have it.

Just write stuff that helps them get closer to their transformation!

Create stuff that inspires them to push forward.

This Handbook is part of our plan to help you build a 7-figure business. Every little thing that we do might look small when you look at it separately, but put it all together and you have the perfect plan for building an online business.

Content, SEO Strategy, and Pageviews

Here is an amazing thing. If you write a blog post (which in itself acts as a mini-story) that helps create a transformation for someone, what are the odds they will want to read more of your content?

  1. Get them to notice you (ex. pin on Pinterest with a title that evokes curiosity)
  2. Get them to pay attention to you (ex. hook them in with a great introduction)
  3. Get them to trust you (ex. the post guides them through a transformation)

What are the chances they will want to sign up for your mailing list thinking that there are more transformations to be had?

What are the chances they will want to purchase an offer from you later?

It’s funny when people write a list post (I love list posts btw, especially when it’s something like 29 Things You Didn’t Know About Mint Floss) that simply lists items and the readers don’t stick around or even stay that long.

Why should they?

If you leave the grocery store and someone hands you a piece of paper with a list of items on it, what are you going to do with that paper?


Instead, each blog post has to act as a mini-story arc. Identity, Problems, Guide, and Plan.

You can do that in any type of content that you decide to create. The problem is most people don’t even bother doing that.

Yes, people coming to your site just want the answers they are looking for to solve their external problem, but what if you go deeper and help them solve their internal problems as well?

It can be the difference between having to pray every single day that the Pinterest gods smile upon you or being happy writing to your mailing list that happens to love you back.

Map the Journey

For me, the easiest content strategy is mapping out the journey that you want the Hero to take. If you understand the transformation then you know what content you should focus on writing first. Once you’re done with that then you know the next content and so on and so on.

After some amount of time, your content should lead them through the whole transformation.

This would be the point where people panic and worry about giving away too much information. In my opinion, you can never give away too much.

If you’re worried about that then you might not have a good product or service to sell anyways.

If you like this concept and approach to blogging then you’ll want to check out the Blog Simple Guide.