The Ultimate Selling Hack: A Big Value Asset

There is a huge advantage that many Creators are missing out on when it comes to value creation for their audience.

And that’s the idea of creating a Big Value Asset. Don’t worry, I’ll get into all of that in a second.

But first, I want to talk about the giant gaping hole that is appearing in today’s online space.

Everyone is getting good at social media content and that’s an amazing thing. The better the content that is available to people, the more likely people can progress on their journeys.

But unless you’re doing 60-minute-long videos, a lot of what is needed to help people progress is missing.

Why does that matter?

Because there is a chance that someone else will create the content that will push people closer to the end of the journey when they are ready to buy from you.

The Complex Customer’s Journey

The easiest person to sell to is the one that is the most desperate. You can sell a million hot dogs to people if they are starving and there is nothing else around.

But let’s say that only 3% of your audience are desperate people. Many marketers suggest that you only focus on these people and depending on your resources this might be the best-case scenario.

However, that leaves another 97% untouched. Do you hope that eventually when they do fall into the 3% that they remember you or do you help lead them along so they understand why they need your offers?

Before you answer you have to consider something.

If you spend time constantly reaching out to those people in the 97% then there is a chance you miss the 3%. But as we’ve discussed it also works the other way so what can you do?

Building Your Library

With every brand that I build one of the first things that I do is start with a blog. Now, I’m not going to tell you to start blogging even though I think it’s a wise thing for everyone to do.

What I’m going to tell you though is that you should have some type of library or resource available for those people who want to move along the journey without waiting around for an email or an amazing social media post.

In this case, a Big Value Asset can be the perfect solution.

What is the BVA here at Pocket Business? It’s the amazing free course that is offered.

You don’t have to sign up. You don’t have to wait. You simply go to it and start consuming.

With the BVA done then I can focus on building out the content library without stressing if I’m getting enough content out there.

As long as I have a BVA then I know I have something amazing that I can send people to. Over time, not only does the content library get better but so does the BVA.

Creating Your BVA

It’s easy to get stuck in your own head wondering what your BVA should be about and it really depends on who you’re trying to sell to.

If you’re going for people that are at the absolute beginning of their journey then creating a BVA becomes a little difficult because what can you teach them?

That might not make any sense so let’s go over what a BVA does.

With Pocket Business, I would love for you to either buy the paid course, Full Stack Engines, or my service where I build a Pocket Business for you.

But to understand why either of these solutions will be a perfect fit for you there are some concepts that you need to get. I can’t expect you to follow me across social media and put all of the pieces together to help you see these concepts.

I do them over email, but what if you don’t want to wait for email?

This is why the course can be so effective. It’s like getting someone to buy your book and enter your world.

That’s all you’re trying to do.

Building a business is world-building.

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