The perfect painting has yet to be painted.

I love that quote. It perfectly encapsulates what makes the great entrepreneurs great.

They know there is always something better out there. It doesn’t matter what has been created already. They know there is something else that can top it.

Perfect is never achieved because every possibility hasn’t been conceived.

When you look at your industry you might find that there are people who have done wonderful things and you should applaud them, but never think that is the end.

Never think that nothing in your industry can ever get better. That there isn’t a better solution for your Hero.

Because there always is.

Everything that we do here at Pocket Business is done with an eye of how can it be better?

We’re amazed at the new innovations that happen in entrepreneurism (is that a word) and we’re happy to know that our industry hasn’t reached the end yet.

So every day we’re going to wake up and ask a simple question.

How can we be better?

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