The $100 Bet

You don’t like uncertainty.

In fact, uncertainty is what holds 99% of the people trying to do this back.

You aren’t quite sure what to do so you continue to “plan” things out for the next 2 years thinking that then you’ll have it figured out.

Sometimes you just need someone to say “do this and then do that“.

Here is something better…

You tell me everything that you have so far and I’ll tell you exactly what I would do in your shoes to scale it to 6-figures and beyond.

For $100 you’ll get a 20-minute video breaking down absolutely EVERYTHING that I would do if I had to do a Freaky Friday switch with you.

Even better is that if my advice to you is “do something different” then I’ll give you the $100 back.

This is only open for 24 hours because as you’d imagine, this will be pretty popular, and I want to continue to have a life.

Note: You can expect your video 15 business days after I receive your answers to the short questionnaire.