28. What They Do Want

Let’s say I help you make 6 figures in a single month (I hope the champagne is in the mail).

How willing would you be to tell others that I helped you achieve that?

I would think you would jump through fire to tell the story of how I helped you, right?

But looking back at the whole story, this final destination isn’t where we started.

First, I had to understand that you were the hero. Then I had to understand your problems.

After that, I had to convince you that I could guide you through your problems and show you the plan on how to do that. After that, you needed to take action which either led to failure (if so, I had to do a good job of helping you overcome that) or success (where we are at now).

Good brands might excel in some of these things.

Bad brands probably do decent in one or none.

Great brands make sure they cover their ass for every phase of the story.

I must admit, when you help people get to the success phase, there is no better feeling. This is what your Brand should be truly about.

It’s not about money, even though you want to make it. When it becomes about the money you lose your way.

When you stay focused on the story of your Hero, money will follow.

The 3 Problems

Remember the 3 sets of problems that your Hero faces?

  1. External
  2. Internal
  3. Philosophical

Don Miller (the guy that has pioneered the story framework for brands) says that if you can help your Hero solve all of these problems in one shot, then you have something amazing.

In the case of an Odd Noodle Member, this might be with a successful product launch. Imagine the lead up to your product launch and the emotions that you’re going through.

You need to make this money.

You’re not sure if you’ve created something that people will want to buy so you’re scared.

You’re also not sure if people will buy a product like yours that isn’t about how to make money.

You launch on a Friday and by Monday you’ve made $15,000.

How do you feel?

  • You got way more than the amount of money that you needed
  • You’re now sure that people will buy something you’ve created
  • You see your product doesn’t have to be about how to make money

We’ve helped you conquer all 3 of these problems with a single launch. That’s a gamechanger.

That makes you want to tell others about us. You’re now part of our tribe because we’ve helped you through a transformation.

You’re no longer just part of our audience.

You’re someone that already believes in our shared purpose but now you also believe that we’re the Guide to help make it happen.

This is how you really make the money that you dream of.

Not by conning people.

Not by selling them snake oil.

Not by having to spend thousands upon thousands each month on ads.

It’s helping one person go through a transformation to become the person they really want to be.

As humans, we just want to evolve. We want to be better versions of ourselves.

If we can find someone that will help us do that then we will reward them. Maybe we will pay them money. Maybe we will send more business their way. Maybe we will marry them.

This stuff should not be taken lightly. It works and for good reason.