3a. The Transformational Business

The type of business that you’re going to create is one that I like to call a Transformational Business.

That sounds pretty intense but it’s not.

I call it a Transformational Business because the whole business model relies upon you helping someone achieve a transformation.

We’ll go into more details about transformations later, but why do I feel that this is the best type of business that you can create?

Because every single day people are trying to get better.

At what?

Lots of things.

That’s why you have a ton of different business opportunities lined up in front of you.

If you can help someone get better at something, then you’ve won them over.

This is the Transformation.

Think about it. Almost every single day you probably have a thought that goes something like this:

I wish I was able to…

That’s you thinking about a transformation.

The transformation could be small. The transformation could be huge.

When you’re able to help people attain a transformation, there is a good chance that they will give you money.

It’s a very simple concept and yet so few people execute it.

We can look at this Dream Roadmap as an example.

The larger transformation is that we’re going to help you build a $100,000 business. That’s a massive transformation, but it isn’t the only one.

A smaller transformation for this Roadmap is that we want to help you gain the knowledge and build the confidence so that you can build your own $100,000 business.

If we can help you with that transformation then you have a decent shot of sticking around.

If we can’t help you with that transformation then why should you remain here? You shouldn’t! You’ll go find someone else that you believe can help with that transformation.

And this is why I say that your goal for your business is to serve your audience in the best way possible.

When you figure out the transformation that your audience is trying to achieve, you’ll wake up every single day trying to think of ways to make that possible.

It’s why everything that we do under the Odd Noodle brand will never stop getting better. We’ll never stop thinking of better ways to help you achieve the transformations that you want.

This is why it’s possible for you to build a business that will last a very long time. When you can help people get what they want, they will continue to pay you.

It’s not a business model built on tricks or hacks or fads.

It’s one that is meant to grow with you.

Welcome to the start of your Transformational Business.


I was listening to Brian Tracy, a personal development expert, give a talk one day and he said something that completely blew me away.

He essentially laid out the secret of success when it comes to selling it was said in just three words.

People buy improvement.

That’s it.

That small little sentence completely changes how you look at things you do with your business. You can do everything possible with your landing pages, sales funnels, blog posts, and whatever else.

But if you don’t help people improve then you’re not going to get where you want to go.

People buy improvement.

Nothing more.

Nothing less.

With Odd Noodle we have a number of different brands and many people ask why we do this.

The reason why is because each brand is focused on a specific improvement for someone.

When building an online business there are so many things that you have to learn over time and having them all in a single package can be very overwhelming.

So what we’ve decided to do is break the different aspects of building an online business up so that we can make each brand the best at what it does.

We also make it a point to release a ton of free resources that will actually contribute to your improvement.

For example, the Dream Roadmap, the Blog Simple Guide, BlogNiches.com, the Pocket Business Handbook, and the Pocket Tribe Building Guide, are resources that many people would charge for but we share them with the world.


Because we want to serve our audience in the best way possible and that doesn’t mean we keep everything behind a paywall.