7. The Enemy of Time

First, it’s important to know that time isn’t your friend.

It’s not necessarily your enemy either.

It’s just something that keeps to itself and does its own thing.

The problem is thinking that time is on your side.

It isn’t.

Time doesn’t care about what you have going on.

Time doesn’t care about what you have to do.

Time is going to do time.

It’s important to keep this in mind. 

It’s also important to keep in mind how you view time.

Is doing that one small thing for your business today going to hurt you with time or is doing it next week okay?

One of the worst things that I continue to do is have the mentality that I still have X minutes/hours/days/weeks/months/years to get something done.

My life would be so much better if I got stuff done when I could get it done and not later.

I might have a great idea for a blog post that I know will do well and I tell myself that I can get to it next week. That’s fine if I’m already tackling other tasks but that isn’t fine if I’m just sitting at my computer looking at YouTube.

The only true mistake you can make with your business is wasting time doing nothing.

Wasting Time Doing the Wrong Things

Some people believe that doing the wrong things is a waste of time. 

I kind of agree and mostly disagree. 

It’s a waste of time doing things that you know won’t have an impact on your business.

For example, when you’re creating a Pocket Business then the only tasks that you should be working on are ones that help you build your audience or make money with your offer(s).

That’s it.

Doing anything else is a waste of time.

It’s not a waste of time to do things where you don’t know how they will impact your business.

That’s just learning.

However, you definitely know that not working on your business or enjoying life is a waste of time.

These are your options:

  1. Work on your business
  2. Do stuff that is required of you in life (feed the kids)
  3. Enjoy life (take a vacation, spend time with family and friends)

Just sitting around doing jack shit is a waste. 

Sure there are times you need to do to unwind but it’s very easy for you to get caught up in unwinding for 3 months straight.

The Business Shortcut

People like to ask me how can they speed this up with regards to building their business.

The only true way to do that is by spending money on ads and that requires having a lot of other things in place. You’re probably not at that stage yet so what can you do?

Work on your business by focusing on your audience or your offer.

Let’s say that it’s 18 months from now. You’ve created a business that makes over $10,000 a month.


When you look back at things you might see that the tipping point didn’t happen until you had 20 posts on your site. I’m not saying that is the magical number, it just happens to be the number that applied to you.

Unfortunately, it took you 10 months to write those 20 posts.

If you could’ve gotten those 20 specific posts out in 6 months you might’ve been where you are even sooner.

This is why always moving forward is important because you don’t know what is finally going to get you over the tipping point. The reality is that it’s never one thing but a collection of things.

Success is nothing more than a series of small steps that nobody seems to notice.

However, if you aren’t knocking things out and building up a collection of things then you’ll never reach that tipping point anyways.

Managing Your Time

As you move through the Dream Roadmap you’ll start to get a better feel for the tasks that you need to complete daily/weekly/monthly for your business.

Having a grasp of these things can allow you to decide which things should be outsourced (saving you time) and which things you need to manage appropriately.

If you have a content plan that requires you to get 30 posts on a certain topic out, then how are you going to schedule your time for those 30 posts?

I think everybody is different in how they handle time and their energy and it’s important that you understand yourself and how you function.

It’s great to see what others are doing but having people tell you that you need to wake up at 4 AM isn’t going to be great for you if 4 AM just doesn’t work out.

Figure Out Your Routine

Spend a couple of days writing down everything that you do for each hour that you’re awake during the day.

Do this for at least 3 days.


You’ll be amazed at how much time you waste doing nothing.

You’ll begin to see ways you can better optimize your time and get some of it back to work on your business.

How you use this time will determine how quickly your business gets to where you want it to go.

But this has to be a conscious decision on your part and something that you always have to work on.

I often find myself falling into passages of time where I’m not getting a lot done and it’s not because I have other things going on.

It’s because I’m not making the most of the time that I have and it sucks when I realize this.

The Dream Roadmap is going to help you a bit with this because you’ll see the roadmap ahead of you.

However, none of this means jack shit if you don’t execute.

Time doesn’t care.

Time is going to do time.