1a. Serious Business

Many moons ago, I used to run a school on blogging called the Billionaire Blog Club.

What a great name.

But I had to change it.


Because blogging seems to create a different mentality than entrepreneurship.

They are the same thing of course, but it’s weird how people treat them differently.

When you think you just own a blog then you tend to only focus on blog specific activities and goals.

  • Write X pieces of content
  • Get Y number of pageviews
  • Pin Z number of pins

It becomes very mechanical.

You turn into a blogging robot. Plus, I’ve found that mentally it holds you back.

Can your blog make $10,000 a month? It could but how believable does that sound?

Can your business make $20,000 a month? For some reason that sounds more believable.

However, if your objective is something greater, then get it out of your head right now that you’re starting a blog or you are a blogger.

Those blogging Facebook groups will have you believe that every Pinterest change is a disaster or certain seasons with low ad RPMs are the ends of the world.

You’re here to create a business that goes beyond that.

I Love Bloggers

I know this makes it sound like I have a thing against bloggers which couldn’t be further from the truth.

We have a whole program dedicated to blogging but it treats blogging different from how many others view it.

In our minds, blogging is just one aspect of building a successful online business.

If you want to see more of our blogging philosophy then check out the free Blog Simple Guide.

It will change your perspective on blogging.

You Are Now an Entrepreneur

Let the bloggers go be bloggers.

If you want to chase vanity metrics like page views, subscribers, or followers then that’s the life you’ve chosen. There is nothing wrong with that.

But you’re doing something more and you need to embrace that.

You don’t live and breathe pageviews or how many followers you have on social media.

You live by how many people you can serve to the best of your abilities.

That’s a completely different mindset and one that you need to embrace.

Get Rich Slowly

If I told you that you could build a business that makes $8,333.33 a month ($100,000 a year) in less than 18 months would you believe me?

I hope so, but that might not seem like a long time.

But let me tell you something.

18 months is a very long time.

When you’re working every single day on your business time slows down completely.

You’ll want every little action that you do to have seismic results and it doesn’t work that way.

If I gave you an acre of land and told you that you get to keep it if you’re able to cover it with trees, what would you do?

Would you plant a single seed and sit around waiting for that one tree to grow?

I hope not.

You would plant a seed, walk to the next spot, plant another, and continue this pattern until all of the land is covered.

When you begin to see a tree sprout you go and take care of it.

Same with the others that sprout.

Eventually, you’ll have land covered in trees.

One day you might find that you’re on the first page of an important search phrase on Google.

Or maybe you got a link from an influencer in your niche.

Eventually, you’re going to hit a Tipping Point but I’ve only seen that happen to the people that put their heads down and continue to move forward.

Are you okay not making a penny for 3 months knowing that you’re putting all of the right pieces in place?

It’s taken me almost two decades to finally get to where I’m at. I don’t expect you to take that long because you have a big advantage that I didn’t.

I didn’t have anyone distilling everything down into a single guide.

Instead, I had to get small bits and pieces from people while also doing a lot of experimenting.

Even knowing everything that I know now, I understand that when I start a business, it’s going to take time for it to gain the traction that I want.

This isn’t even close to a get rich quick type of business. It’s something that slowly ramps up until it hits a point where you can’t make it slow down.

Most people don’t have the patience or understanding to get to that point.

You do and you will.

The purpose of this Roadmap is to show you the path so that you can have patience. It’s also meant to help you through different checkpoints so that you aren’t spending 6 months not gaining any traction when you really should.

Nothing is worse than spending 12 months on a business, not having it grow, and still telling yourself that you need to be patient.

Patience only works when you see progress being made.

That’s why the focus isn’t going to be on the size of the audience, but the people within it.