22. Philosophical Problems

First, it’s not necessary to find a philosophical problem to succeed with your brand.

But if you do uncover one, then you can use it a great deal in your messaging to your Hero.

If someone is trying to lose weight they may be wondering why does losing weight have to suck so bad? They might answer with the idea that only people with good genes can lose weight easily.

If someone is trying to get out of debt they may be wondering if college was really worth it considering all of the student loan debt they’ve acquired.

Or maybe they’ll think whether or not only rich people are able to get out of debt.

The Philosophical Problem is more about proving something wrong.

Do you have to talk about how to make money to actually make money with blogging?

Do you need a business degree to create a successful business?

Do you have to sacrifice your life for years to finally achieve the lifestyle that you want?

These are philosophical questions that you want to help your Hero prove wrong.

One of the cool things about uncovering a Philosophical Problem is that you can often attach it to a common enemy.

When the Guide and the Hero share a common enemy, they become closer.

Tribes can be built around common enemies.

Look at sports.

How many people believe their teams do things the right way while the rival teams always cheat? The Philosophical Problem might be can you win by playing the game the right way?

The rival team doesn’t, but your team is going to prove that you can win by playing the right way.

I always try my best to land on a Philosophical Problem and I don’t always achieve it right off the bat. If I feel stuck I simply move on and it might occur to me later.

As long as you understand the external and internal problems of your Hero, you can move forward.

A Pocket Business Philosophical Problem

A Philosophical Problem of a potential Pocket Business owner is wondering if the only way you can build a successful business is by doing a lot of things and spending all of your time working on those things?

Or maybe a person is wondering if successful businesses are only created by people with high IQs.