13. Patience

Look, I know some of you are dying here. You just want to know WHAT to do to build a successful online business. Enough of this feel good shit. If that’s the case go start a blog or YouTube channel, and cover the big topics. Have fun.

If you’re sticking around though, you’ll see how this makes you a lot more money in the long run when you finally do start to apply the different tactics.

People tend to think that getting to your Why happens in a couple of minutes and once it happens that it is written in stone.

Both are incorrect.

Some people take a while to find their Why and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Some people find one and realize they need to tweak it afterward and there is nothing wrong with that.

It’s okay to keep revising and keep working on your Why. In fact, it should be expected.

If you’re in the ocean trying to follow the North Star you don’t look at it once and assume that from now on you’re still going in the right direction.

You have to continue to check it to make sure you are on course.

If not, then you make adjustments.


If you aren’t too sure if your Why is hitting the right spot then ask 3 people that you trust to give you honest feedback.

They might not understand why you’re hitting them with a Why but by simply telling it to them you can get a gauge on whether or not it has any impact.

As you begin to develop your audience you can then ask them about your Why. Maybe not directly, but in a way that gets you the feedback that you want.

Allow Imperfection

You should allow imperfection when it comes to your Why. You can always revise and smooth it over as time goes by.

You are not using a stone to create something, it’s more like Play-Doh that you can mold into anything that you want at any time.

However, if you find that you’re constantly changing your Why because your goals are changing or you think you want to write about a new topic, then you might be doing it wrong.

Here is an example:

Jojo wants to create a lifestyle blog. She determines that her Why is:

I believe that true happiness in life can be achieved through travel and experiences.

Not bad.

As she works on her site she sees that another site seems to be doing well with cooking stuff so she wants to include some cooking stuff on her site.

However, cooking doesn’t relate to her Why at all so she makes an adjustment:

I believe that true happiness in life can be achieved through the experiences that we live.

Now we have a problem. That’s not really a core message. That reads more like a fortune cookie.

Jojo needs to try again.

I believe that you can achieve true happiness by experiencing more new things in life.

Okay, there we go. Now she should have no problem talking about cooking and travel.

A couple of months pass by and she sees that she wants to talk about shoes, but how do shoes fit in the Why? They really don’t so again she needs to make an adjustment.

At this point, you can kind of tell that Jojo isn’t being consistent with what she wants. She continues to move the goalposts to simply fit her interests.

You see bloggers do this all of the time, especially when they don’t have a Why. A Why acts like a business plan.

This is what you’re going to do and this is how you’re going to do it.

If you find that you have to continue to change your Why, not just tweak it, then you might see that you aren’t sticking to the path that you’ve set.

I never said this would be easy but I did say it would be worth it.

If you can’t follow your Why then how can your Hero see you as their Guide? How will they know what the Transformation is and how to achieve it?

They can’t.


But who is the Hero anyway?

It’s going to be the person that is drawn to the Why.

It’s going to be the person that gives you money to help them.

It’s going to be the person who gets all of your attention and who you will build your whole brand around.

I guess we should learn about them.