What happens when you come across a new idea, philosophy, framework, or paradigm?

Do you run away from it because new makes you uncomfortable or do you dive in to see what it’s about?

I’m completely fascinated by new. I love new because new gets to be something I’ve never experienced before. And that’s what I live for.

New experiences.

The first time I ate sushi was in a public speaking class. We had to give presentations on whatever and one person decided to do a sushi making presentation.

When she was done she asked if anyone wanted it and nobody raised their hands but me. I didn’t know anything about sushi but it was new so why wouldn’t I try it?

Obviously, a gajillion people around the world ate it so it made sense to try. If I didn’t like it at least I knew.

But I had to try it.

If you want to get my attention introduce me to a new concept. You’ll have all of my attention because I’ll want to see how I can use this new concept in my own paradigms. Maybe it will make them better and maybe it can be forgotten, but I want to at least give myself that option of trying.

Too many people want to wait around for other people to try out the new. They around so long that the new thing becomes the old thing that passed them by.

When I go to the bar if I see a bottle of something I’ve never had before that becomes my drink.

When I go to a restaurant if I see a food item I’ve never experienced that’s my meal.

This is how much of your audience sees things. Can you present to them something new to draw their interest or do you present the exact same thing as everyone else?

If you want to sell them on something new then you need to learn how to embrace new yourself.

And that ain’t easy.

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