18. Is This Really My Hero?

It’s quite possible to go through the exercises in the previous lesson and still have doubts that is how your Hero really is.

I mean, you haven’t spoken with them so is this really them?

It’s a valid question.

The idea behind doing the exercises is that you’re making up the Hero to fit how you see them in your mind.

As you move forward you’ll keep this Hero in mind and do everything in your power to not only attract them but to also serve them as well as possible.

So is this your Hero?


Does this person exist?

In some capacity they do.

You might be off on a couple of things but taking your time and going through the exercises means that you aren’t going to be so far off that nobody in the world actually fits that description.

The reality is, there are only so many human emotions that your Hero can feel.

It’s easy to get caught up wondering if you’ve nailed the external problems when the reality is, you just need to nail the internal ones (we will cover these in the next section).

A good example is weight loss.

You might’ve come to the conclusion that the biggest problem for people trying to lose weight is that they don’t have time to eat healthily.

You’re questioning whether or not this is really the problem for your audience.

However, what if you dug deeper and looked at the internal (emotional) problems?

In this case, your Hero eats the way they do because they always feel under stress and they feel that eating is a way to deal with it.

Now you’re building all of your content and messaging around this problem instead of the external problem. Maybe they stress about family, their job, or the environment.

As you can see once you uncover the actual internal problems, they can manifest into a ton of different external problems that you can always address later.

Doing the empathy exercises is about understanding the emotions of your Hero. You might not know exactly how their day goes or what obstacles they always face.

But you can understand how they see the world and that’s what matters at this point.

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Now we want to dive even deeper into the Hero by understanding the many different problems that they have.

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