Project Marshmallow

Does the stuff that I teach actually work? That’s a valid question and one everyone should be asking. Sure, I can make things sound good, but how do they work in reality?

That’s what we’re going to find out.

The Marshmallow Project is where I take two new brands and build them up to see how long it takes to make $5,000 from them.

  1. Brand 1: Is within a realm that I kind of know so this is great for those who have experience with something and want to teach it.
  2. Brand 2: Is within a realm that I’m new to but interested in.

On this page, I’ll share updates on each of the brands to make it easier to track their progress.

Everything that I’ll do for these brands follows The Full Stack Engines System. It’s also what I do for clients to get them up and running.

Want to Stay Updated on This?

You can follow me on Threads where I’ll post updates, but because of the algorithm you could miss something. Plus, it’s not that easy to find specific content (but you should follow me anyways).

So I’ll also send out email updates about the brands that also go with my newsletter (sent every Tueday) so if you want updates, that will be the best place to get them.

Why Marshmallow?