Creating a Successful Business Means You Need to Learn How to Throw a Party

This is a sale page for a course on how to create a system for your online business that allows you build and grow it in a way that fits you (your life, your experiences, your soul) but most importantly offers you the rewards that online businesses should (let’s not pretend you don’t want to make money).

The price of the course is $499. Hopefully that saved you from having to scroll to the bottom.

But what is this about a party? I’ll explain that in a second…

We like to pretend that creating a successful business is magic. That some people know the tricks while the others don’t.

But the truth is that we all know the tricks. We use them every single day in the interactions we have with one another.

And then we look at our business and forget them all.

So we turn to people telling us how we need to:

  • Post 3x a day on Instagram
  • Post 5x on Tiktok
  • Write 2 blog posts a week
  • Send an email every Tuesday morning and Saturday evening
  • Sell to your audience daily

Oh, and you’re supposed to do that with that thing called Life hanging over your head. They always seem to forget that.

No doubt your partner, 3 kids, 4 dogs, 5 guinea pigs, and 37 fish will be okay with you disappearing 10 hours a day to execute this mighty plan.

It’s enough to make most of us frustrated with the idea that this isn’t possible without the optimal circumstances. You’re happy for your friend on Instagram that is posting another win but damn, they must have it easy because for some reason it’s not working for you.

But here’s the problem. You don’t know how to throw a party.

Give Me Skeletons at a Luau

Your cousin has a friend that wants a party and you’re known for throwing great parties. There are two problems.

  1. The friend wants a Skeleton-themed Luau party
  2. The friend has no friends besides your cousin

So what can you do?

Most people would go around posting flyers to the party. Let as many people know about it as possible. Then you’re sure to have some people show up, right?

It’s possible and it’s also possible that you get a ton of people that your cousin’s friend doesn’t like. Not a great experience.

Or what you can do is go on the hunt for people who like skeletons and love luaus. It sounds ridiculous because that has to be a small audience, right? It could be.

But you don’t stop there. You start to introduce the concept of a Skeleton Luau to people who love parties. You get them to fall in love with the idea.

Now you have a solid group of people who are perfect for this party and guess what happens next?

The friend tells your cousin it was the best day of their life!

Mission accomplished.

Looking at this story you can see how it applies to your business. Find the right people so you have the best experience.

That advice is pretty obvious. You didn’t need a story to know that.

You know what makes a successful business. Showing people what they want and then giving it to them. The struggle is finding those people and always letting them know what you have for them.

It’s this machine that must always be running but for many that becomes too exhausting. They can’t keep up and the machine dies out.

You wouldn’t expect anyone to walk around the city 24/7 putting up flyers for the party. It just doesn’t make sense.

Optimize the Engines

In business, there are 3 engines that must always be running.

  1. Attention
  2. Acquisition
  3. Award

The challenge is that you’re one person who needs to get all 3 engines running and keep them running smoothly if you want to ensure your business keeps going.

If you focus too much on one, the other two fall apart. I know this from experience.

Over the years I would spend too much time on social media and I would forget to send emails that made sales.

When I focused on the emails I stopped growing my audience through social media.

When I would get burned out and did nothing I would have no content or emails going out so nobody knew I existed.

What made this even more challenging was that my time was shrinking. With 3 kids and a wife I didn’t have the time I did 7+ years ago. And if we’re being honest I didn’t want to live my life online.

So I had to figure out how I could get all 3 engines running in a way that didn’t burn me out and still allowed me to scale my business however I wanted.

Introducing Full Stack Engines 2.0

Here’s the Challenge that we all face…

  • We don’t want to be online all of the time
  • We want to make money as soon as possible
  • We don’t want to stop growing our audience or making money

This means that you need to get the 3 engines up and running as quickly as possible in a way that takes very little time.

Once you’ve gone through Full Stack Engines you’ll have a business system in place that doesn’t feel like success is one lucky algorithm blessing away. You’ll be able to see what engine you need to work on and more importantly what changes you need to make.

It’s not only the system that we have in place here on Pocket Business, but it’s also the one we use for all of our Makers Mob brands as well as the one we implement for our clients.

What Is a Full Stack Engine?

The short answer: A system that continuously attracts the right people to your business using both long-form and short-form content. The system also implements what is known as a Feel Good Funnel so you can sell without selling.

The long answer: There is a whole free course that you can go through right now (yep, away from this sales page) that breaks down the concepts of it.

If you like the idea of it then come back here and grab your spot.

How Does Full Stack Engines Work?

Full Stack Engines is a 4-week program and community that teaches you from beginning to end what you need to know to build your own Full Stack Engine.

Everything within the program is actionable. You’ll understand the different stages of a Full Stack Engine and what things should be completed before you move on.

You’ll also gain access to the Community where you can ask questions, interact with others, and not feel like you’re doing this all alone. It’s my home away from home.

The Fun Starts April 17th

Because this is the first iteration of Full Stack Engines 2.0, there will be live calls along with some other surprises. That’s why the doors are open now to sign up and the fun begins on April 17th.