Making a Better Link Page

I’m not the biggest fan of link pages and I explain why here if you want to do a quick read. However, I understand if you can’t find yourself letting them go.

So if you’re that person then here is how I would approach these link style pages if I were to create one.

Creating Your Own Portal in WordPress

I know I ran through things quickly in this video, but if you’d like to get a better idea of how I use WordPress for all of my brands and get a mini-tutorial on using WordPress, then check out the video below.

Plugins that I mention in my setup:


When it comes to web hosting with WordPress there are a ton of great options. While I use a custom set up due to the number of different sites that I run, I recommend to my clients and students that they start with SiteGround for one reason: customer service.

It’s decently priced for the first year so it gives you time to build your business up without breaking the bank.