A Pocket Business Journey

Ever since I’ve started teaching people how to build online businesses I get asked if I can show how to start at Point A and work all of the way to Point Z.

Basically, “just show me everything.

Obviously this is a big undertaking.

It’s much easier simply to show you how to START an online business by focusing on a specific aspect (start a blog, start a youtube channel, create a product, etc).

But what about showing you everything that goes into making an online business that includes:

  • a blog (Pinterest, SEO, content creation)
  • a YouTube channel
  • an Instagram account
  • multiple digital products (micro-offers, order bumps, upsells)
  • sales funnel (email marketing, nurturing emails)

That would be kind of fun right?

But is it possible to show it in a condensed form that doesn’t span 3+ months?


And that’s what I’m going to do.

On June 29th I’m going to release the Pocket Business Journey that is going to show you a business that I’ve built that has everything mentioned above and obviously everything else that is required of those things.

I have no idea how many videos it will be. One can assume a lot.

I have no idea how long it will be. One can assume pretty long.

But I will cover the steps that I take to build everything out. However, this isn’t a replacement for any of the Odd Noodle courses. I’m not going to dive into all of the minute details of SEO for example, but that doesn’t mean I also won’t talk about it.

Also, the business that I create from this will be non-profit meaning that 100% of profits (still have to pay for hosting, email, etc) will be donated to a different charity each month.

This has been a business that I’ve wanted to create for YEARS so this is not a one-off quick project.

By securing your access today you will get complete access to the Journey on June 29th. You’ll also have access to the Office Hours that I hold during that week to answer all questions pertaining to the business.

These Office Hours will be held every single day between June 29th and July 3rd.


Bonus #1: You’ll get access to a new Mind the Hero mini-course on overcoming fear (on the 29th).

Bonus #2: The first micro-offer that I create for this new business. It will be in the personal development space so it will be applicable to all.

Bonus #3: Access to the Odd Noodle Slack Community. I say this without bias but this is the world’s greatest online community for online entrepreneurs.

Coming Soon…