0. Introduction

So let’s start off with the most obvious question:

What is a Pocket Business?

It isn’t something specific. For example, I can’t say that it’s a business that makes $X money by doing Y activity.

Instead, a Pocket Business is a business that does exactly what it needs to do to which is to generate the maximum profits wanted by its owner.

Nothing more. Nothing less.

That means a Pocket Business might be someone with a blog.

That means a Pocket Business might be someone with just a YouTube channel.

That means a Pocket Business might be someone with a blog and YouTube channel.

The possibilities are really endless.

The problem though is that most people begin to take on much more than they need to build their business.

If your goal is to make $10,000 a month, then how much stuff does your business have to do?

When we talk about Pocket Businesses, we talk about businesses that don’t overwhelm us or bring us stress.

We think of businesses that do provide us with all of the money that we want without tearing us down.

The goal of a Pocket Business is simply to figure out what you want and then understanding the exact things you need to do to get it.

The Two Parts of the Pocket Business Equation

A Pocket Business only has two parts.


Just two.

Audience x Offer(s) = The Life That You Want

Remember, nothing more, nothing less.

You might think that you need to keep more things in mind when building a Pocket Business but the rule of thumb is that if whatever you’re working on doesn’t contribute to building your audience or helping you sell your offer, then you shouldn’t be working on it.

That’s what this Handbook is all about.

How do you unlock the Audience and make sure the Offer is ready for them?

That’s all that you need to do to create a successful Pocket Business.

About Us

We’re a team of 3 people working on different things and the same things.

Makers Mob is our overall brand. It’s the umbrella to Pocket Business, Pocket Video Academy, Think.Grow.Earn., Think.Build.Launch., Side Hustle Starter Kit, and SproutKit.

We teach people many different things because we have many different interests.

But most importantly we do a lot of stuff because we want to test a lot of different things.

The reason why this Handbook will be so useful for you is that what you learn in it is Universal. It doesn’t apply to just one type of business.

It’s not based on our one success story. It’s based on both the successes and failures as we continue to learn, just like you, what it takes to build an online business that you love (hint: makes super awesome money).

We have awesome programs that go deeper into this stuff, but you don’t need to worry about that now. In fact, we suggest you don’t consider ANYTHING that we offer until you’ve gone through this Handbook to see if our philosophy fits with how you see the world.

I think you’ll find that it does.

If that makes sense to you then we can get started by talking about Clarity.