Interest Is a Powerful Thing

Do you want to know one of the secrets of life? It’s not understand what you want, but understanding what you don’t.

The more you understand about what you don’t want, the easier it becomes to focus on what you do want.

That’s what makes interest such a powerful thing. It’s an indication that you might want something, but that also makes it dangerous.

Because the second you get something you don’t want, that interest fades.

This is what can make building an online business tricky. You try so hard to give people what they want, that you bring in too many of the wrong people and you end up with a business that you don’t want.

I’m telling you this because as you begin to learn about Full Stack Engines it can be very easy for me to show you all of the things that you don’t want.

But I’ll probably spend more time talking about the things you don’t want so that you can make a better decision when the time comes. I look forward to showing you.