15. Goldilocks

Do you know the story of Goldilocks and the 3 bears? Essentially it’s the story of most people looking to start their own business.

Everything is either too hot or too cold. Nothing is ever just right.

But they don’t know what’s right and so they refuse to move on because they truly believe that eventually, something will be just right.

I’ve never experienced that “just right” feeling with any of my businesses and that’s why over time I’ve worked on developing these methods to better inform myself on the direction I should take.

After going through all of the exercises in this section you might be left with a couple of ideas that you’re interested in pursuing.


I don’t want you to panic and feel that you need to find the “just right” one at this very moment.

If you look further down the $100k Climb curriculum you’ll notice that there is a bit of time before we even touch on creating a site.


Because there is still a lot of foundation to build.

If you have more than one business idea that you’re still interested in then take each one of those ideas through the remaining sections.

As you put each one through all of the exercises you’ll get a better feel for which one is the one you want to go for right now.

After doing the branding exercises you might feel that you don’t really have a connection with 2 of your ideas.

Once you go through the tribe exercises that might eliminate another 1.

Then finally you’ll tackle some content research which leaves you with 1 idea.

If you’re still left with multiple ideas after going through all of that then you’ll just have to grab a dartboard and let fate choose.

Remember the MVO

It’s important to remember the goal of this first phase and that is trying to narrow things down to something that you can specifically target.

I understand if you want to create a business on parenting but that’s too broad of an idea to target for a product.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t expand over time to encompass more things within parenting, but as you’ll see in the branding, tribe, and content sections, it’s much easier when you can hone in on something specific.

How specific?

That’s going to be your call. The exercises in this section should help you get an idea of how specific you want to start.

Out of all of the sections in this Journey I consider this one to be the toughest for me because I want to do everything for everyone. Telling me to choose one is like telling me to choose one flavor of ice cream.

But what I’ve come to understand is that over time I get to have multiple visits to the ice cream shop so I’ll get to try more flavors later.