The One Thing I Hate About Blogging

I just counted. I’ve written 838 blog posts in my life. That number is giving me an existential crisis at the moment, but that’s not the point. (addendum added after the editing: That is exactly the point. The existential crisis was in fact the point in the end). But First, Let Me Explain… We have …

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6 Smart Benefits of Joining An Online Community

We’ve talked before about the benefits of an online community for business, but what about the benefits of joining an online community for your audience? What’s really in it for them? When you decide to start a formal online community, you will probably have to think about the objections that arise when considering joining an …

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What Makes an Online Community Successful?

There is one key to what makes an online community successful. Engagement. It makes sense, right? I mean just think about it in your real life. You learn and grow and laugh when you engage with the people around you. Not when you just sit and stare at each other. Engagement: What Makes an Online …

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9 Brilliant Tips for Online Community Management

Managing an online community can seem like a daunting task. It takes time and energy to build a community that has really good, positive engagement. There are ways for keeping it as simple as possible, though! These 9 tips for online community management will help. 9 Tips for Online Community Management #1. Be prepared to …

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5 Amazing Benefits of Online Communities for Business

I have a surprise for you. If you’re a Blogger or other type of online business owner, you already have an online community. It doesn’t matter if you have a Facebook group or people in your comments or an email list. Your online community starts with the people that are coming to read your posts. …

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How to Market a Blog for Free: 10 Ways that Work

SEO and branding and why branding wins

When you’re just starting out writing for your new blog you want people to see it! That’s the whole point, right? But there are two problems. You’re not sure where to start and you don’t won’t to spend any money. I have excellent news for you. I’ve got a bunch of ways of how to …

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