Workshop Wonderful

Discover, Build, and Launch Your Next Money-Making Workshop in 21 Days. Guaranteed.

The Steps

1. Find Your Audience

Even if you have your audience already we’ll go over how to make sure you understand them inside and out.

2. Find an Immediate Problem

Then you’ll find the immediate problem that they need solved now so that they give you money now.

3. Create Your Workshop

Finally, you’ll create your workshop around a solution to the problem so you can get it out the door quickly.

Workshops Sell

That’s a simple fact.

Workshops are the quickest learning tool for people that want to go from Point A to Point B.

That’s why people love to buy them.

But the problem is you need a Workshop idea and it can’t just be any idea.

It has to be an idea that provides an almost immediate outcome for people. When you can do that then you’re in a good spot because people will come back to you to buy more.

And the wonderful thing about a workshop is that it doesn’t have to take long to create.

This means that you can have your next offer ready to present to your audience in a very short amount of time.

Action > Knowledge

I will show you how to make sure you have the right audience along with the right problem to solve with your workshop. But there is something more that I’m going to help you with.

You taking action

I’ve sold courses to over 2,000 people over the past couple of years and there is a clear difference between those that take action and those that just go through the course thinking that knowledge is enough.

Knowledge is useful when action is taken immediately on it and so that’s why I’m introducing the Workshop Wonderful Challenge Cohort.

Have a Finished Workshop Ready to Sell in 3 Weeks

Doing a Challenge can be motivating because you know there is an expected result at the end. Doing it as a Cohort is even better because you get to work along others while also getting training at the same time.

So how will this work?

The 21 days will be split up into sections and there will be a live training (which will also be recorded) for each section which will guide you into what you need to do.

After each section you’ll have something finished because you’ll know exactly what you need to do. At the end of the Challenge you’ll have a completed Workshop ready to sell.

That’s right. When you’re finished with Workshop Wonderful, you just won’t have the knowledge of putting a Workshop together. You’ll have your own finished Workshop ready to go!

Workshop Wonderful officially begins February 15th and finishes March 8th and is only open for 25 people.

Who Is This For?

For anyone that knows the niche they want to dive into. It doesn’t matter if you have a site or not. It doesn’t matter if you have an audience or not.

Just as long as you have a starting point of who you want to talk to.

If you have an audience then that is great. If you don’t have an audience then don’t worry, we’ll cover some things to do to help you build it up and even how to get them to buy your Workshop right away.

Who Is This NOT For?

Anyone that wants to make the excuse that time is what holds them back.

I get it. Life is always getting in the way, but that is the case for everyone.

What I’m asking for is 3 weeks commitment from you. How much time is needed to make Workshop Wonderful work for you?

That’s going to be up to you, but you’ll be surprised at how quickly you’ll be able to finish each section when you sit down and put your mind to things.

As long you can share your progress with the Cohort then you’ll be fine.

21 days. That’s it.

Some Fun Math

$500. That’s how much it costs to join Workshop Wonderful which is a small price.

Don’t hate me for saying that but it is.

Because you’ll have a completed Workshop at the end that means you’ll have an offer to sell immediately.

Let’s say you sell that offer for just $19. That means you only need to sell 26 of them to make back your money.

If you sell it for $49 then that means you need to sell 10.

On March 8th, 25 people will have brand new offers ready to roll out the door. Will you be one of them?