Your FREE Guide to Creating Your First Digital Product

(Without All of the Confusion and Overwhelm!!!)

Stop Being Stuck and Start Making Your First Digital Product This Weekend

Digital products are a great way to not only make money online but to build a strong brand that people love.

But how do you get started? What do you do? How do you even choose what to create?

This Toolkit will answer those questions so you can get started and create your digital product this weekend.

Creating Your First Digital Product Isn't the Hard Part...

No, really!

It feels overwhelming because it seems like there are so many steps involved! And that overwhelm will stop you dead in your tracks.

It’s why @aclaracris has had this thought of creating an offer in her mind but hasn’t followed through. 

She just doesn’t know where to start. 

I want to fix that. Because I believe you are capable of creating your own online business with digital products AND I believe you have something to share with the world that is going to improve other people’s lives.

If only you had that extra push.

What You’ll Learn...

1. What's the best format

Ebook? Workshop? Course?

What’s the best option for the offer YOU want to create? The Toolkit will review each and help you decide.

2. The best tech to use

This step right here is where you get the most stuck, isn’t it?

Let’s make it easy so that you can forward without that foggy feeling in your head

3. How to get started

Let’s get an outline going.

I’ll show you the process (including an ugly example) of how I go from messy outline to pretty finished product.

Meet Some of Our Success Stories...

All of the women you see in these testimonials, Sarah, Rachel, Melissa & Danielle have created digital products and built online businesses.

Melissa was even on Good Morning America!

But here’s a secret about each of them. They all felt that same feeling of overwhelm before they started. They actually STILL feel it now, but they have pushed through it and gotten started.

And while it’s not “normal” to make $12k in the first 6 weeks like Danielle did, she did do that. After spending a year trying to figure out what to do, where to start. Once she started though, it moved quickly.