Grow Your Tiktok to 1,000 Fans (and Beyond!) That Want to Buy Your Stuff Without Doing Any Dances*

*Unless you want to dance, then go ahead and dance!

No, Danielle, it’s not normal, but that’s what TikTok can do for you.

From $0 to $5k to $12k in 6 weeks with an audience built on TikTok.

You already know that if you want to make money online selling information products or services, you have to get your Audience to notice you, pay attention to you AND trust you before you can ever make a sale.

And you know TikTok is the fastest way to do ALL THREE of those things. 

But your follower count is abysmal. No one is seeing your videos. Your watch time is so sad you’ve just stopped looking at.

You don’t feel like waiting around forever for the blogging/email marketing feedback loop to let you know if you’re on the right track, either.

You want to know that what you’re doing now is working. 

Now. Not 6 months from now.

TikTok is the shortcut to getting noticed, getting people to pay attention and getting people to trust you.

“I do want to say thank you SO MUCH for all the advice, support and everything else that you've all given me in this challenge. I never thought I could make so much progress so quickly and I'm so grateful!"”

Saffy grew her account from 11 followers to over 2200 during the 30-day challenge. 

Not only that but because of the engagement she got from the audience she built, she found the perfect course idea for her audience!

The challenge helped her create a consistent posting schedule and her account just continues to grow!

She’s engaging with her audience and hosting live English classes on TikTok.

It’s time to finally grow your following of True Fans.

Imagine if you...

It’s Not Actually As Simple As Pick Up Your Phone, Record for a Minute, Hit Publish and Watch the Fans Flock to You.

But, it’s also not a WHOLE lot harder than that, either. There are a few simple strategies to learn that will make a world of difference. Couple that with consistency and you’ll see the growth that you’re hoping for.

I grew two separate TikTok accounts to 1,000+ followers in a week when I started implementing these strategies. 

Marybeth (after floundering for months) grew by over 1600 followers in a month after she started these strategies.

Stephen helped one of his followers go from 56 followers to 1137 in a matter of a few days.

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Cheryl’s challenge experience was extraordinary. 

Her Pain In the Gut channel that helps people heal their gut health problems started with just 5 followers. 

She had already posted some videos, but just wasn’t reaching the audience she was hoping to. 

She ended the challenge with 15k followers. 

And she is still just growing and growing. She was over 22k last I checked. 

By the end of the challenge, she had set up a funnel from her TikTok account and was already starting to see sales of her digital product. 


I know. Followers are a vanity metric. What’s the point if they don’t lead to $$?

She waited for a year before making a move but when she finally did…

You already know Danielle. She’s recently passed 100k followers.

She started with coaching clients, but she recently launched her first course, her first passive income product, and made over $6k at the launch.

That’s on top of her Coaching income.

And it’s passive so she can throw her focus completely onto her clients while making money with the course.

TikTok helped her quit her 6-figure corporate job…

Melissa made 16k in May with her audience built on TikTok, YouTube and Instagram.

She has an amazing engaged community on TikTok.

And Good Morning America discovered her through TikTok and invited her to speak on a segment with other 50+ Influencers.

Pretty cool thing to tell your grandkids someday.

Nana was on Good Morning America.

TikTok became her organic source for sales…

That’s Rachel from This Crafty Home.

Her Freezer Meal Plan Guides help busy moms stay sane at dinner time and let me tell you, there are a lot of busy moms looking for help on TikTok.

They love to watch her sped-up meal plan videos and she consistently gets traffic and sales from TikTok.

You know what all the TikTok gurus tell you when you are being consistent posting but you just aren’t getting any followers?

They tell you your content isn’t good enough.


It’s not necessarily true, though. 

You might be making AMAZING content, but if you aren’t talking about the things your audience WANTS, they are not going to notice you and they certainly aren’t going to pay attention. 

You’ve Seen the Viral Videos of Dogs and Crazy Dances and Maybe Even Crazy Dancing Dogs…

Sometimes people go viral with videos like that. But we don’t want you to go viral. 

Wait, what?

We want you creating videos that are going to reach the right people with the message they want to hear that gets them to follow you because they ACTUALLY LOOK FORWARD TO WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY NEXT!

And that’s where things can get a little tricky. 

With the TikTok Challenge, you’re going to learn the platform, what topics to cover, how to structure your videos, what a simple recording setup looks like, and how to use some of the simple features.

“The TikTok challenge is a simple to follow plan that helps you grow your audience. It got me from nearly no followers to breaking my first 1000 in a week! I’m looking forward to doing it again, since it makes planning my TikTok content so much easier & has paid off with a larger audience by far than I expected.”

Bree has been a part of our Pocket Business community for quite some time. 

I can tell you, she like many of our members, was very hesitant about creating video content. 

In fact, I’m pretty sure everyone that you’ll see on this page was!

But she committed to the challenge and did an amazing job!

She was the first to reach 1000 followers in the group and in fact, she did it in just 1 week!

She created and sold a digital product for the summer based on the quick feedback she saw from her videos and is now working on a Fall guide.

Before the Challenge even begins…

Here’s what the TikTok Challenge is not going to be.

If you’re expecting follow trains and like for likes or any of that artificial engagement, this is not the place for you.

Those tactics don’t work and in fact they will backfire on you, just FYI, if you’re ever thinking about going that route.

If you’re in the challenge and someone else is in a niche that makes sense for you to follow and you enjoy the content they create and so you want to throw it a like, then by all means, do that. 

But we won’t be encouraging you to like and follow everybody.

That’s just not how you find your Audience of True Fans.

“The challenge has wildly exceeded my expectations. 

I won’t lie and say every day was a breeze. There have been days that were challenging to figure out what to post. And there were days that were downright disheartening. 

But through it all, Marybeth (and Stephen and even sometimes Scrivs) has been there to encourage and provide super helpful feedback (even when it’s tough to hear). 

The whole Pocket Business gang has built an amazing and supportive community. I know they want each of us to succeed. But they can’t do the work for me. And that’s where I needed the push of the challenge. And dare I say, I’m having fun. And I might be a tad disappointed when it ends.”

That’s Neta.

Neta didn’t get the results she expected. 

Sure she grew account to over 5k adoring fans during the challenge, but way more important that, she learned what direction to take her business in. 

See, she started out with a business where she hoped to teach people to sew their own bellydance costumes. 

But she quickly realized during the challenge that that might be just a bit too small of a niche!

What did really hit home and get Neta this healthy following was her straightforward sewing tutorials and tips. 

Imagine if within 30 days you could know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you have picked the right niche and that yes, you can build a devoted audience?

Neta did.

There’s something magical that happens when you grow a social media following the right way.

You end up with people who look forward to your posts. 

They comment and want to know more. They ask questions. They want advice. 

When you have something for them to purchase that is going to help them to solve the problems they are facing, they will happily open their wallets if they have the means to. 


What do I need in order to take part in the challenge?

You’ll need a Personal TikTok account (not a business account!) and a phone to record your videos with.

 Will I have access to the challenge content forever?

Nope! Sometime after the challenge, the space will be deleted from Circle and you will lose access to the prompts, so keep up with us daily!