Grow Your TikTok to 1,000 Fans and Beyond in 30 Days

You Don't Even Have to Dance! Unless You Want to...

Seriously, You Don't Have to Dance!

⛔️ Warning ⛔️

This page isn’t created to convince you to give TikTok a shot.

If you don’t believe in its power and how it’s the future for your business then no worries.

Just wait until we create a challenge around Postcards.

But if you do see how TikTok can push your business to the next level then what this page is going to do is simply show you the proven results that we’ve helped people achieve through this 30-day challenge.

She Shows Them Everything

Her sped up meal planning videos are deceptively simple. At first glance you might think, huh, I wonder why that went viral?

It’s because people can see the outcome happening before their eyes. They can picture themselves doing exactly what Rachel is doing as she preps meals. 

And they want that outcome. They understand the time, effort & money it could save them.  

She Was On GMA

Melissa was one of our pioneers on TikTok. 

You might watch her videos and think she’s fearless.

She’s not. She just did things despite being scared and despite not knowing what the outcome might be. 

Including going on Good Morning America as a 50+ Fitness Influencer!

That’s a story for the grandkids. 

Nana was on GMA.

“I do want to say thank you SO MUCH for all the advice, support and everything else that you've all given me in this challenge. I never thought I could make so much progress so quickly and I'm so grateful!”

Saffy was in the first round of our challenge and she nearly gave me a heart attack when almost a week in she decided to switch to a new account with a completely different focus!

But she made the right choice. She got a system set up for herself and had some of the most consistent growth I’ve ever seen. Everyday she’d gain about 50-80 followers. 

That kind of growth with the videos she makes tells me she’s getting in front of the right audience.

Now she uses her TikTok Lives to teach English classes!

Cheryl Was the Best Listener of The Bunch

Cheryl’s challenge experience was extraordinary. 

Her Pain In the Gut channel that helps people heal their gut health problems started with just 5 followers. 

She had posted some videos, but just wasn’t reaching the audience she was hoping to. 

She ended the challenge with 15k followers AND she had set up a funnel from her TikTok account and was already starting to see sales of her digital product. 

“The whole Pocket Business gang has built an amazing and supportive community. I know they want each of us to succeed. But they can’t do the work for me. And that’s where I needed the push of the challenge.”

Neta came into this wanting to teach belly dancers how to sew their own costumes. 

Thanks to the quick feedback loop on TikTok, she quickly realized there was a much simpler audience that would be much easier to make money from. 

Beginner sewists!

This is information you want to know as quickly as possible. You don’t want to be wondering for months if there is an audience out there for you. 

“It got me from nearly no followers to breaking my first 1000 in a week! I’m looking forward to doing it again, since it makes planning my TikTok content so much easier & has paid off with a larger audience by far than I expected.”

What I loved about watching Bree’s account grow over the course of the challenge was that she was truly taking the journeyman approach. 

Her gardening content is all about sharing the journey that she’s on and the experiments she’s conducting in her garden. 

It’s so relatable for her audience of beginner gardeners AND, a bonus of being a journey is that you get to tag in bigger creators for help with topics you don’t know about.

It’s a great way to build trust with your community. 

She's a Champion

Dani started TikTok and had almost immediate success. 

She built a following quickly, made $12k in her first 6 weeks with a coaching program and launched her first workshop not long after and earned $6k from that. 

With an audience built entirely on TikTok. She knows the struggle that her audience is facing. 

She is a champion for women who feel unwell and unheard and that is a pretty amazing thing to be. 

So How Does the Challenge Work?

It’s not that complicated…

1. Orientation – We don’t expect you to know how to use the app! You’ll get tools and resources to review before the Challenge starts so that you’re ready to go on Day 1. 

2. Daily Prompt – Every day of the challenge you’re going to make 2 videos. One using a sound or trend and one talking head style video. 

3. Feedback – After you’ve posted your videos for the day, you’ll share them with the group for feedback. This is the most important part! Small changes every day will lead to big growth!

What's Inside?

There are two parts to the TikTok 1k Challenge:

  1. The Orientation (aka The TikTok Sales Accelerator)
  2. The Challenge

The Orientation

You won’t start the Challenge cold turkey. We’ll warm things up for you and make sure you’re ready to hit the ground running.

You’ll get immediate access to everything below once you sign up so you’ll be ready for the Challenge.

The Challenge

Here is where you’ll get daily email prompts letting you know the sounds and trends that you’re going to be using for your videos.

Here is EVERYTHING that you’ll get…

1-on-1 Feedback

The most important aspect of this challenge is the fact that you’ll get 1-on-1 feedback for your videos.

Instead of blindly posting things for 30 days you’ll know exactly what you need to improve for the next day.

You won’t find this level of attention anywhere else without paying thousands of dollars.

Value: $999

The Tikok Sales Accelerator Community

You aren’t in this alone and you need a place to get feedback and see how others are progressing.

Plus you’ll get lifetime access to the TikTok Accelerator Community.

Value: $999/yr

TikTok Setup Success Guide Book

It’s going to be hard to grow your TikTok if you don’t get it set up properly.

This guide will ensure you take all of the right steps to get things set up just right on TikTok.

Value: $49

TikTok Growth Accelerator

While the Challenge will show you great sounds and the 1-on-1 feedback will help you grow, this guide will give you the fundamentals that you need to think about for every single TikTok that you do.

Value: $129

Finding Trends Guide

When it comes to TikTok, trends are a thing.

While we will show you how not to rely on trends it never hurts to keep an eye out for them.

Value: $79

TikTok Cash Machine

There really is no point to trying to grow on TikTok if you aren’t going to try and make money with TikTok.

TikTok Cash Machine will show you the very simple system that you can get set up today to start making money tomorrow.

Value: $149

TikTok Walkthrough Workshop

We get it.

A new app is scary. So many new buttons and things to learn.

We will walk you through the entire TikTok app so you don’t feel lost.

Value : $29

Going Live Workshop

While it won’t happen immediately, at some point you’re going to go live.

Yes, you.

And it’s going to be awesome because you’ll be fully prepared with the Going Live Workshop.

Value: $99

Finding Trends Workshop

A companion workshop to the guide, let us show you how to find Trends on TikTok simply by scrolling through your For You Page.

Value $79

Using the Green Screen Workshop

When going Live, you might not like your background.

Make sure you get things set up the way you want so you can have any background you can imagine when you go live.

Value $49

The Pocket Video Effects Library

There are a lot of amazing things that you can do with the camera on your phone.

Take your videos to the next level with awesome transitions and effects just by watching the tutorials in the Pocket Video Effects Library.

Over 30 tutorials showing you how to stand out from the crowd.

Value: $399

Total Value: $3,059

If you’re keeping track of things.

But you’ll only have to pay $199.

Who's Running This Challenge? Your Hosts...

Marybeth Santos

She was scared to do video.

Then she did it. 

And she liked it.

A lot.

Then she was scared to go Live.

Then she did it.

And she liked it.

A lot.

Stephen Scrivens

Kept banging his head against the wall, creating amazing videos and seeing no growth.

Continued to do amazing videos until one day he realized maybe he needed to tweak some things.

So he did.

Then his account grew.

And grew.

And great just a bit more.

No more banging head against the wall.


What do I need in order to participate in the challenge?

You’ll need a Personal TikTok account (not a business account!) and a phone to record your videos with.

Don’t worry, if you don’t have one set up yet we’ll walk you through that.

Will I have access to the challenge content forever?

No. Sometime after the challenge, the space will be deleted from Circle and you will lose access to the prompts, so keep up with us daily!

That means you’ll want to be an active participant DURING the Challenge.

However, you will always have access to all of the TikTok Sales Accelerator content.

Is this going to be like a “Follow for Follow” type of thing?

Nope! We will encourage you NOT to do that and to only follow other challenge members if you really want to and/or if they fit your niche. 

We’re even hurt that you’d ask such a thing.

How long is the Challenge?

30 days.

It will run from September 14th to October 14th.