The Rule to Making Money

How much money you make is dependent on the value that you put out into the world.

When I heard this quote I had mixed feelings about it.

I didn’t think it applied to me as I worked a 9-5 job because my value was decided by my boss who controlled my salary.

As I worked on building my own business I became concerned about this mythical value and wasn’t sure what to do.

I thought value was having the world’s greatest idea and that’s what I did. I focused on trying to come up with unique ideas.

Now I see there is no value in an idea.

The value is all in the transformation.

The bigger the transformation you can help someone achieve, the greater your value.

That’s it.

It’s quite simple.

Online the rule changes a bit because people don’t know what’s in your offer. They don’t get to experience it and then pay you like they would a physical product.

Instead, the value that they perceive comes down the messaging that you relay.

If emails and sales pages and reviews can convince you that my offer is worth $50,000 to you then you’ll happily pay $1,000 for it.

And that’s the game.

Figure out the transformation(s) as that is where the value lies.

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