Small Tweaks. Big SEO Gains.

Ever heard of an SEO Scientist? Me neither. This is for Creators by Creators.

Mighty Tiny SEO

Start Building an SEO Moat Around Your Site Today

People Overthink SEO

I’m being serious.

When people learn that Google has over 200+ ranking factors their heads explode because they think there is so much to master when it comes to SEO and that isn’t the case at all.

SEO is a game and you just have to see the weaknesses of the other players and dig in.

I’m not talking about spending hours upon hours upon hours trying to get backlinks.

I’m talking about finding the right keywords to target and setting your site up in a way that Google loves and your readers get lost in.

I have a BIG SEO Course. I’m talking over 100 lessons.

But to be honest?

100 lessons aren’t needed to get 90% of SEO.

You’ve heard of the 80/20 Principle right? It applies to SEO as well.

20% of the things that you do will impact 80% of your results.

Mighty Tiny SEO is about that 20%.

I Don’t Like SEO

I know this is going to sound weird, but I don’t like SEO. It’s essential for the growth of my sites, but that doesn’t mean I like to dive deep into it daily.

I’d rather spend time creating awesome things for my audience.

But without SEO there is no audience.

So there had to be a compromise.

Did I really need to spend every single day staring at Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and all of the other SEO tools, or could I do a couple of things really well, develop a content strategy, and then just create?

I’m sure you can guess where this is going.

Mighty Tiny SEO Is for Creators

When you thought about creating an online business the idea of spending all of your time in the SEO world didn’t occur.

The fun of creating a business is actually working on the business.

SEO is just a tactic to help the business grow, but it’s not the business.

That’s why Mighty Tiny SEO was created specifically for people that would rather focus on creating and enjoying their business.

And yes, that means getting more traffic and making more money.

Wouldn’t be a very good SEO course if it didn’t do that.

What’s Inside

As you would expect with something called Mighty Tiny SEO, the package itself is pretty simple. Instead of a ton of text lessons going over theory, you’ll be presented with videos and PDFs that are all actionable.

The goal is to hit the ground running with your site. Not spend time contemplating what to do.

Instead, you’ll establish a foundation for your site’s structure and then move on from there and you’ll know exactly what to do as your site grows.

The goal is to build a moat around your site so even when Google makes a change to its algorithm you’ll still be sitting pretty.

The Community

When you purchase a Pocket Business product, you get access to our community of more than 2000 bloggers and online business owners.

Including me. I’m there every day (and night) answering questions, asking questions and finding ways to stretch your thinking.

But the community isn’t just for finding answers to the questions that come up on a daily basis.

The community is going to be the place that you get to talk to like-minded people that are on the same path as you.

You can bounce ideas around, ask for opinions, share your knowledge and celebrate your wins. With people that actually get it. Because they are working on the same goals.

Most of us don’t have someone in our real lives that really understands what we’re trying to do. The community will give you that camarderie that you are looking for. 

And I think it’s a really important ingredient to your success. 

The Circle Community
The Slack Community

Secure Your Access Today

By purchasing today you’ll gain access to Mighty Tiny SEO on December 1st.

Purchasing today allows you to get started with building a stronger SEO foundation for your site so you can start seeing results sooner.

If you’re tired of being confused with SEO or feel like it has to be a full-time job then this is the offer you’ve been waiting for.

Make your business fun again.

One Year Money-Back Guarantee

There is no reason to feel pressed for time. Just because you can get through the material in less than 14 days doesn’t mean you’ll implement everything in 14 days.

It takes time so you deserve time to make sure this is the right thing for you.

Remaining Questions

How quickly will I start ranking?

Everyone wants to rank on day 1, but it’s going to be dependent on how established your site is.

I’ve been able to get brand new sites ranking in 3 days using some of the strategies you’ll find in Mighty Tiny.

What niches is this for?

As long as people use Google to find information about your topic then this will apply to your niche.

So in reality it applies to every niche out there.

What tools will I need?

Honestly? The free ones available to you.

But there are some tools that you can buy that might make some of the process quicker, but you won’t be required to buy anything.

Use the free stuff first, see how it works for you, and if you want to buy more then go for it.