The Waiting List

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…I’m sorry, what?

You don’t want to wait, you want it right now?

I get that. I actually really like that about you.

I’ve never understood why people say patience is a virtue. We don’t have time for patience, do we?

But let me tell you a little bit about why Pocket Business School is worth waiting for.

Pocket Business School isn’t a particular tactic that might work for a particular business. It’s the whole process of starting and growing your own online business to 6 figures and more.

That means it takes a lot of our time and attention to make sure it shows you exactly how to do that and to make sure we can be available to you in our Slack community so that you always have the support you need.

That’s why we only open the doors to Pocket Business School twice a year.

Why Should I Wait?

Aren’t I wasting time waiting for the doors to open again?

We actually prefer that you have some time to learn about Pocket Business School and our philosophy before you can purchase the course.

We aren’t like other online business courses and we want you to be able to decide whether or not our philosophy for building an online business makes sense for you.

Don’t worry, we have plenty of free information for you to go through while you wait for the doors to open. What we offer for free is enough to get you started on building the foundation of your business.

Plus, we know Pocket Business School is a big investment ($1,499+) for a lot of people. We want you to be comfortable making that decision because you have learned as much as you can about us and you’ve had time to fit it into your budget.

What Exactly Am I Waiting For?

You only need two things to have a successful business.

An audience and an offer.

Simple, right?

Pocket Business School will show you how to find the audience and build the offer.

It’s not complicated. It takes time and energy and while it isn’t “easy” to do, it is not complicated. We’ve broken the process down into a Framework that works for anyone.

You’ll learn how to decide who your audience will be, what problems they have that you can help them with and how to create one brand story that will help connect you with them.

What Can I Do in the Meantime?

While you’re waiting for the doors to Pocket Business School to open up, there’s a lot that you can do to start learning the Pocket Business philosophy.

First, start with our Pocket Business Handbook. It’s basically a course in itself. And it’s free.

Check out the Atoms of Business Building Workshop. It’s 45+ minutes of learning. No sales pitch. Just learning about the Pocket Business School philosophy of business building and how it can help you build your own business.

Get inspired and educated with the Pocket Business Blog. It’s not your average blog. There are informational posts and there’s some deep-thinking, mindset fixing types of posts (with videos & podcasts, too!).

Ok, Ok I’ll Wait!

Great! Sign up for the Pocket Business School Waiting list here. We’ll send you periodic updates and additional resources you might be able to use while you wait for the doors to open.