Sarah Watts / Craft With Sarah

If you like stories of perseverance then Sarah Watts’s journey brings it in spades.

Sarah has been in the Pocket Business community for a long time.

She’s going to talk about a win she posted well before this video. She had reached over 100k pageviews. I have always felt a little bad since then that my response to her win was kind of negative.

It’s not easy to reach that milestone and it is an accomplishment, but we had seen so many people come through the community with wins like this and what is difficult is that they don’t always translate into making a lot of money.

In fact, they usually don’t.

Which means two things happen. The person that has the pageviews win quickly gets discouraged because they have bigger goals and the pageviews aren’t enough to get them there.

And then other people in the community feel like I also need a win like that in order to make the money that I want. And then they either don’t and they feel bad OR they do and then they realize that is not the way to making the money they really want to make.

It’s a no happy ending story.

Except, there is kind of an ironic twist to Sarah’s story. Obviously. Or we wouldn’t be here to celebrate her amazing business!