Your Offer Isn’t Selling. Your Opt-in Isn’t Converting. Let’s Fix That.

The P.O.P. Framework

On April 7th, 9am – 12pm PST, I’ll be hosting a live workshop showing you how to figure out your perfect offer portfolio so you can focus on growing your business without wondering if you’re going in the right direction.

You know your success is tied to your offers so why aren’t you making sure they are the RIGHT offers?

The quality of your offers isn’t what determines if they sell right now.

It’s the quality of the message around the offers. If you don’t understand the right offers then you don’t understand the right message.

And when that happens you fail.

The difference between those people that are breaking $10,000-a-month and those wondering why nobody is even signing up for their opt-ins is the fact that their messaging and their offers aren’t what their audience is looking for.

But you can change all of that.

Learn how to create an Offer Portfolio where every single offer is something your audience wants right now!

If you want to sell then you need to create irresistible offers. Things people can’t resist once they see them.

If you think you’re doing that and they’re not selling then you haven’t created an irresistible offer.

The Perfect Offer Portfolio (P.O.P.) Framework is going to walk you through the process of not only understanding the immediate needs of your audience, but what solution you can deliver to them that will make them get out their wallet right away.

By the end of the workshop, you’ll have an easy to follow framework that will walk you through what is needed to not only map out your future offers, but also the messaging needed to sell them.

You’ll leave this Workshop knowing…

  • How to find the goals, aspirations, needs, desires, and obstacles of your audience
  • How to find the 3 main aspirations + obstacles in which you should create your offers around
  • How to craft the exact message that will reach into the soul of your audience and get them to buy right now
  • How to plan out your offer portfolio so you’ll have people not just buying once from you, but 4-5x
  • How to find out right away if an offer is worth creating or not

The P.O.P. Framework Workshop is a live, 3-hour workshop being held on April 7th at 9am PST / 12pm EST.

It will be recorded but if you know anything about our live workshops, you know that’s where the energy is.

Your chance to grab access is only open for 36 hours.

I want to start interacting with participants this weekend before the actual workshop so I don’t want any latecomers strolling in.

This is the very first time I’ll be covering any of this material. It will appear in some of our offers later in the year, but this is your opportunity to get a head start on everyone else.