Small Offers. Big Money.

Pocket Offers are the key to scaling your revenue, saving time, and loving what you get to do for a living.

Start Creating Pocket Offers and Start Building Your Empire

Absolutely anyone can follow the right steps to create their own Pocket Offer and grow their business.

1. Discover

Before you create anything you need to be able to find what your audience really wants and what they will pay for. Thankfully, the answers are already out there for you to discover.

2. Create

Now that you’ve unlocked the perfect ideas for your Pocket Offer, it’s time to sit down and create it. Not over a period of months, but over a period of days or weeks.

3. Sell

This is the fun part. Time to make some money! This is where you’ll target the right people so they see the right offer and they do the right thing which is to give you money.

Go Big by Starting Small

You need to create a massive course.

You need a big signature offer.

You need to offer $10,000 coaching services.

That’s what the gurus tell you and they’ll show you how to do it after you pay them $2,000+.

But how many people have no interest in forking over 4 figures just to get started with what you offer?

More importantly, who wants to risk months creating a signature offer as their first step into the online world without knowing if it will work or not?

The number of people that have gone through Pocket Offers and are ready to create their own


The Best Customers Are…

You’ve probably heard that the best customers are those that have already purchased from you.

Unfortunately, this means that you need to get people to buy from you which entails a lot of different obstacles.

However, things are different when you’re able to create a micro-offer that has immense value.

That’s when people will come banging down your door wanting to learn from you.

Having a micro-offer allows you to build your mailing list with qualified people that are ready to buy more.

And you don’t need to spend a lifetime creating it.

The fact is that you can design, make, and sell your micro-offer in less than 21 days.

Online education will be a $350 billion industry in the next 5 years. Will you be in the mix or on the sidelines?

I Was Stuck

I never doubted that you could build successful online businesses.

I’d seen people do it for a number of years.

I was told that as long as I created an information product then everything would take care of itself.

So I created a product that I thought people wanted and it bombed.

Then I created another product that I was sure people wanted and it bombed.

Looking back I realized that I didn’t really understand my audience and the offers that I was creating weren’t following a very simple framework.

When I followed the framework myself, I made $20,000 over a weekend.

I couldn’t believe it so I created another product. This time it was $14,000 in a day.

Problem. Promise. Framework.

That was it. That was the key.

Here Is What’s Possible

Over $5,000 in 24 hours from a Pocket Offer that didn’t exist yet (on New Year’s Eve no less). 

Almost all of my offers are pre-sold which is a great way to see if your audience is really interested in your idea.

Don’t worry, you’ll learn how to do this.

$10,000 in a week with a Pocket Offer that didn’t need to be created from scratch. It was already put together with the assets that I created over the years.

Yes, you can sell things that you’ve already created.

$30,000 in 5 days with a Pocket Offer that was created over the weekend.

Once you have an understanding of your audience and their journey, you’ll be flooded with ideas for a Pocket Offer to create.

Experience Is My Guide

What you’ll learn inside of Pocket Offers all comes from my experience of launching over 20 micro-offers in the past couple of years.

This isn’t based off of one success. But numerous successes and some failures.

That means I’ve been where you are whether you’re a first-time product creator or someone who can’t seem to get their products to sell at all.

I’ve been there.

And I continue to create micro-offers because I want to make sure everything still works the same as I teach it.

It’s Not Your Fault

It feels like a lot of people only believe that there are two ways to grow your business:

  1. Create a ton of free opt-ins so people join your list
  2. Create high-ticket products and services 

Both of those still work but how much free stuff do you want to give away and how much time do you want to spend telling someone that your $1,999 course is worth it?

A micro-offer builds your mailing list AND makes you money at the same time.

But you wouldn’t know that with the way that the gurus teach things.

Online education is set to become a $350 billion industry by 2025.

This feels like one of those moments where some people will look back at today and wish they had taken action.

More and more people are comfortable with learning things online and they don’t go looking towards the big brands to teach them.

They are looking for people like you.

The question is will you be there waiting for them or will they have to find somebody else?

What’s Inside

With Pocket Offers you’re gaining access to a full-blown course that can be completed in a weekend. It will walk you through all of the steps from discovering your audience, finding the perfect offer ideas, and Pocket Offer creation.

Doesn’t matter if it’s printable, an ebook, a workshop, webinar, or something else.

If you want to get started with creating offers to sell to your audience then Pocket Offers is your best shot.

So What Now?

Now you understand the potential that is out there for you.

You realize it’s possible for you to create a micro-offer that completely changes the game for you and your future.

So now it’s decision time.

The way I see it you have 3 options.

1. Do absolutely nothing and stay exactly where you are right now.

If we’re being honest, most people reading this page will take this option. That’s why people stay stuck.

2. Figure it out yourself.

This is the path I used to take all of the time.

I like to pretend it was the best path for me but I’ve literally wasted a decade by leaning on my own motivations and experience instead of discovering what my audience wanted and was willing to pay for.

You can try to understand your audience and create that perfect micro-offer for them. Maybe it will work out great, maybe it won’t. But how many times are you willing to keep on trying until you finally succeed?

3. Let me do the work for you.

I created my first failed product in 2003 and I’ve been creating products ever since. That’s almost two decades of experience at your disposal. 

I’m not saying you’ll save two decades since you probably aren’t as silly as me and make the same mistakes, but you’ll save a lot of time and headache by following Pocket Offers.

Which one do you choose?

Of these 3 options, what is going to be easiest for you?

Most people will tell you that if they see a great opportunity then they are willing to take it.

But how many actually do?

That just shows you that there are two types of people in the world. 

Those that see the opportunity and take it.

And those that think it’s a bill collector and totally ignore it.

Since you’ve read this far, we already know which one you are.

The Community

When you purchase a Pocket Business product, you get access to our community of more than 2000 bloggers and online business owners.

Including me. I’m there every day (and night) answering questions, asking questions and finding ways to stretch your thinking.

But the community isn’t just for finding answers to the questions that come up on a daily basis.

The community is going to be the place that you get to talk to like-minded people that are on the same path as you.

You can bounce ideas around, ask for opinions, share your knowledge and celebrate your wins. With people that actually get it. Because they are working on the same goals.

Most of us don’t have someone in our real lives that really understands what we’re trying to do. The community will give you that camarderie that you are looking for. 

And I think it’s a really important ingredient to your success. 

The Circle Community
The Slack Community

You Look Ready

Start Creating Your Pocket Offer This Weekend

More Questions & More Answers

I’m in X niche, will this work for me?

The point of Pocket Offers is to dive deep into your audience’s needs and come out with a solution that works for them.

So as long as your audience has a problem and they’re willing to pay for a solution, then Pocket Offers will work for you.

How much time do I need to invest in this?

It depends on how well you already know your audience and the type of offer you decide to create.

You could do this over a weekend or it might take you a month.

Either way, it’s going to be much quicker than if you create a full course.

About Me

Alright, so who is this guy that is going to teach you all of these wonderful things.

First, this guy is going to stop talking in the 3rd person.

Hi, how are you doing? My name is Paul Scrivens and I run Odd Noodle.

Since 2003 I’ve been building online businesses.

Since 2009 I’ve been creating information products.

I wasn’t very good at them for a while which I see as a good thing. It showed me what didn’t work.

Now I have over 20 information products available in different formats across the Odd Noodle brands which gives me a very unique insight into how this all works.

I’m delighted to bring this knowledge and experience to you.

I guess the most important thing to know about me is that I’ll do everything in my power to see you succeed.

You’re not doing this as a hobby and I don’t treat it as one.

Let’s build something great.