The 2021 Planning Workshop

While every single year becomes the breakout year for online business, I think 2021 is going to see something big happen due to everything that’s happened in the world.

People are going to jump online even more to learn and that means if you’re a teacher (in any niche), the time is now.

But you’ll need a plan.

I’m not talking:

  • pick a niche
  • start a blog
  • write content
  • think of an offer
  • try to sell

I mean legit, true business planning where you look at your activities, performance, conversions, and personal overviews.

I’m talking about understanding your own 80/20 analysis of what 20% activities are going to bring you 80% results.

That’s why next week on December 29th and 30th, I’ll be hosting a live 2-day workshop. This workshop is going to cover the following:

  • Business Model Generation (sounds super fancy, right?)
    • Understand the journey segment that you’re really trying to reach with your Hero
    • Unlock the true value proposition that you’re bringing to the table
  • Marketplace Positioning
    • How to find the gaps in your niche that will allow you to easily slide in and claim your place
    • Understanding what true differentiation means
    • How to turn prospects into customers
  • Marketing and Sales Performance
    • Map out your customer acquisition costs
    • Figure out where you’ll find your customers
    • What lead acquisition channels will you conquer
    • Finding new types of revenue/offers
    • Using 80/20 analysis to stop wasting time on things that don’t matter
    • Looking at your recency, frequency, and monetary scores to build a better Fairy Tale Funnel
  • Team Development
    • What is your business vision and how can your team apply it
    • What are your time constraints and how can you get rid of them
    • What metrics will you use to measure team performance

And that’s just Day 1. Day 2 will cover your personal goals and how to reach them.

This will be a recorded workshop so securing your access today means you’ll be able to watch it whenever you want.

Doors are open now and will close on December 28th, 9pm PST.

This workshop shows you how to plan your year so that every single year after you continue to increase your revenue. It’s one of those LIFETIME learning things.