You ONLY Buy One Thing…

You’ve purchased a lot of things in your life and yet you only truly purchased one thing.

Sounds like a cool riddle, right?

The truth is that people only spend money when it’s going to improve their lives.

I’m being serious.

That’s it.

People only buy improvement.

No need to pretend otherwise.

No need to try to outsmart the world.

You only spend money when you feel that you’re going to get some kind of improvement in exchange for that money.

It doesn’t matter if you’re buying a candy bar, paying for gas, or purchasing a home.

You spend the money when you want to improve the feeling that you have right now.

Remember the Pocket Business Formula?

[Audience x Offer(s)]Message = $$$$$$

Here is a simple way to look at it:

That’s it.

I promise.

Business is nothing more than that.

Everything else that you should be working is just a tactic to increase one of the variables in the formula.

And if it doesn’t increase one of the variables then stop doing it and find something else that will increase the variables.

It’s the difference between having days where you make $0 and days where you’re doing this…

Almost $30,000 in 4 days. That was fun. If you’re worried about the dates, don’t worry. I have plenty of fun charts like this.

The people that were making way more money than me online were following the Pocket Business Formula even though they didn’t know it.

They kept things simple and once I unlocked the Pocket Business Formula, I was able to see how every successful business was applying it.

And that’s powerful.

Because then you get to see how the woman making $20,000 a month selling freezer meal guides is exactly like the woman making $20,000 a month selling Cricut patterns who just happens to be exactly like the person making $10,000 with weight training.

(Yes, these are all people I’ve helped achieve these levels of income and they keep on growing.)

But do you really want to know what’s fun about knowing the formula?

You can create a system that applies it and then you can repeat that system over and over and over again whenever you want to build a money-making online business.

Before I show you the system I have to explain why I’ve spent the past 5 years trying to come up with it.