The Universal Formula for Business Success…

[Audience x Offer(s)]Message = $$$$$$

That’s it.

Every successful online business in the world follows this formula and when I discovered it, a new journey began for me.

You see, I started life (adult life) as a developer and designer.

This should’ve given me a giant head start over everyone else.

But it didn’t.

Instead, what it did was greatly slow me down.


Because I put all of my energy and focus into things that didn’t mean a damn thing on whether or not I was going to make money.

Look at me trying to be super fancy back in the day. Even when I wasn’t making money I thought if I at least wore a hat then my luck would change.

Have you ever seen someone with an ugly ass site make good money?

I have.

Plenty of people.

Have you seen people that use just two fingers to type make lots of money online?

I have.

Plenty of people.

The truth is that if you can’t focus on the formula above, then you’re just wasting your time.

(BTW, that formula is called the Pocket Business Formula)

There are people that spend WEEKS worrying about their logo and yet look at the “logo” of this site.

Just words and a font that I like.

That’s all that I needed to do because the logo isn’t going to convince you to buy anything.

Hell, you’re not even going to remember the logo when you read the next sentence.

There are so many things that we focus on that just don’t matter when it comes to making money online.

And that’s what this is about.

I’m not going to pretend you’re here for any other reason.

You want to make money online.

Hella good money online.


You have your reasons.

Those reasons don’t matter to me.

Money is going to be a tool for you to get what you want so all I care about is how I can help you with that tool.

And that means just following the formula above.

But what exactly does it mean?

I like that you ask these questions. It shows your head is in the right place.

Well if you want, I can show you that every single person in the world, including you, only spends their money on one thing.

You probably don’t believe me do you?

Well click the button below and let me prove it to you.