There Is a Secret Formula Out There Hiding in Plain Sight…

It doesn’t matter where you look online, you’ll find ordinary, plain, normal people making money online.

And I’m not talking about the side hustle filling out surveys to make $27.50 a month people.

I’m talking about the silents ones making $10,000+ A MONTH working whenever and wherever they want kind of people.

I used to read their stories all of the time and they’d piss me off.


Because I couldn’t make a dime.

They say if you want to be rich then just do what rich people do.

That seems simple enough especially when it looks like everything someone does online is public.

You can see what they post on social media. You can see what they’re selling. Hell, you can sign up for their mailing list to see what they say to make a sale.

But that doesn’t mean it will work for you.

That’s annoying as hell.

The harder I tried, the more frustrated that I got.

  • I thought I was creating better products
  • I thought what they were saying on social media was cheesy
  • I thought they were being too salesy

And yet they continued to find more success than me.

I always thought there had to be a secret. Something that I was missing.

I didn’t believe that only people that taught others how to make money were making money because I saw with my own eyes people in tons of other niches doing really well.

Were they different from me?

Were they using a secret sales tactic that I was missing?

Kind of.

In fact, there is a secret formula that every successful business uses and every unsuccessful business ignores.

And I found it.