Nobody Is Listening and It’s All Your Fault

One of the toughest lessons that creative people have to learn is that if nobody listening to you then it’s your fault.

It’s not theirs.

Everyday we have 5,000+ brand messages being thrown in our face. We don’t have time to explore each one to see if it’s a fit for us.

And yet so many people start a business around a “brilliant” idea, get it out into the world, and then find that nobody gives a shit.


It’s usually because the story isn’t good enough.

This could be a blog post, YouTube video, podcast, Instagram post, Tik Tok, or whatever.

I believe that every successful business is able to follow these 4 principles:

  1. Get people to notice them
  2. Get people to pay attention to them
  3. Get people to trust them
  4. Convert that trust into money

Getting people to notice you is tricky.

You either have to do something truly outstanding or you have to trick them.

I don’t want you to trick them. I want you to tell a better story.

But what’s the story?

The story is how you’re going to help them with a transformation.

When you can tell a story around that then people will listen.

When you begin to tell them that you have this and that they will tune out because they don’t give a shit about what you have.

They have their own shit to worry about so you either help them or get the hell out of the way.

This can be hard for people because THEIR idea is something that they want to share, but their idea is nothing until someone uses it.

Their idea is nothing until someone loves it.

Their idea is nothing until it provides a transformation for someone else.

Those are the stories you should be excited to share because then your idea is more than just an idea.

It’s progress.

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