We Make Sure You Get to Brag About Your Business to Your Friends & Family.

Your world seems to be split in two.

On one side you have friends and family saying you’re crazy for even thinking about starting an online business.

On the other side, you keep on reading stories of people having great success starting an online business.

So what is it?

It’s both actually.

You are crazy for thinking about starting an online business.

And yes, people do find success with them.

You don’t mind crazy. Crazy actually makes you a bit excited because you know for some reason, deep down, this is for you.

It’s time to start an online business.

But where do you even begin?

You come across a random blog post and it talks about how easy it is to start an online business. You just have to do a couple of things so you give it a shot.

Then you realize that blog post wasn’t telling the whole story. There are more things that you have to do.

When you think you’ve got them all figured out you find out there are even more things.

Your friends and family, those ones who called you crazy, keep on asking about your new business.

But they don’t ask casually. They do it with that annoying ass smile. The one that has the “I told you so” written all over it.

You dread this question because your business isn’t doing anything.


The frustration grows. The embarrassment gets worse.

This feels like that awkward phase in Junior High all over again.

But it’s okay because something has happened. You’re here.

Why does that matter? Because here you’ll see that business doesn’t have to be complicated.

Business doesn’t require you to do a million things.

It just requires that you do the right things consistently.

And that’s what we are going to show you.