Hero Branding Consultation

Defining your hero is the most important part of building your business. I can help you make sure you know exactly who she is.

So you made it through your Hero Branding Exercises? Well done. They are a beast and by far the hardest part of the work you’ll do in our courses.

They are emotionally draining and time consuming.

They should be.

When you’re finished with Hero Branding, what you’ve done is built an ideal customer, discovered all of the problems you can help her with and learned how to speak to her in a way that will help her connect with you and trust you as her guide.

By the time you’re done it can be hard to really know if you’ve gotten it exactly right. Most often the Hero is an earlier version of ourselves and being able to give life to that person is a delicate balance.

Sometimes the Hero becomes too much of us and sometimes the Hero doesn’t have enough depth. Sometimes the problems aren’t quite right. Or the emotions are missing.

A Hero Branding Consultation will confirm what you’ve gotten just right and help fill in any gaps that you might have missed.

Wow – thank you SO much for your feedback! It is so incredibly helpful. I definitely felt a bit scattered, and you’re really helping me nail this down. As you might have guessed with how specific my origin story is, my “hero” is me about 10 years ago. That makes it a little tough sometimes to view my hero from an outside perspective, so thank you again for your feedback.

-Jen P.

Thanks so much for your consultation, worth every penny…
You gave me a lot to rethink, & let me know what I need to concentrate on.
I will go back through it, I want to get this right, then I will resend it to you.

-Randy W.

If you’re unsure about your Hero or you feel like you’re a little too close to her to have clarity on her problems or if you aren’t sure you’ve narrowed down her problems enough, a consultation will help.

You can gain the clarity and direction that you’re looking for so that you know you are speaking directly to your Hero in a way that will resonate with her.

The process is simple. You’ll send me your completed exercises and I’ll offer my insights, additions and critiques throughout your document so that you have easy access to reference them as well as a summary at the end.

Ready for Your Consultation?

They are $79.