You Need to Find the Holes In Your Business Before Your Engine Blows Up

It’s time for a full check-up on your business so you can see where the leaks are and how to plug them. Because you’re losing money out of those leaks!

My first car was a 1986 Chevy Monte Carlo LS and I loved that car. One day it started making a noise. But it still ran. I was still getting from place to place. There were some black puffs of smoke from time to time, but, it started every morning. It was fine.

Until one day, the engine caught on fire while I was driving up the street to pull into my parents house after work.

Then it wasn’t so fine anymore.

I ignored a problem until it became too big to fix and Monte went to the scrap yard. RIP.

But there’s a silver lining to that story. Ever since then, I’ve never let myself ignore a small problem again. Not with a car. Not with my health. Not with my kids. I take care of things while they are still small so they don’t get too big to fix.

My Car, Your Business

Now I want to ask you something.

Are there small problems that you are ignoring with your business that might be about to catch fire? Ok, that analogy isn’t going to work.

Are there small problems in your business that are taking money out of your pocket? If you could find the holes in your business’s engine, would you know how to patch them up?

It’s overwhelming the amount of work that you put in to get your business started and running. You are bound to have nagging things in the background that could be fixed or tightened up. But it gets to a point where you can’t even keep track of all of the things that need fixing!

You’re busy trying to make money, you don’t have the time to be auditing your own workflows. In fact, if you did have the time, would you even know where to begin with checking everything??

Would you be able to identify the things that you should be doing more of? The things you should be doing less of? What about all of the copy you’ve written? Do you feel like you can look at it objectively and know whether or not it’s good? Are you even sure what emails you’re sending to people?

We tell you all the time to keep tweaking things. Keep trying things.

Sometimes I imagine you yelling back at us, OK FINE BUT WHAT???

And I would totally understand if you did yell back at us. But the problem is, we can’t tell you from the outside what needs fixing.

We’d have to get under the hood. (oh the analogy is back!)

So that’s what we’re offering. A business tune up. A full diagnostic, if you will.

We’ll start with a call to get to know you and your goals for your business. Then we’ll dive in!

Here’s what we’ll look at.

1. Your Audience

We’ll review your audience. Where are they coming from? What kind of content are you creating to attract them?

Do you need to keep writing 4 blog posts a month or should you be spending time on something else?

Are you putting out the right content on TikTok (or YT or Insta…)that is going to attract the right attention?

2. Your Offers

Now it’s time to dive into your offers.

We’ll review what you currently have as offers.

Is your opt-in right for your audience and does it lead into the offers you have? Do your offers have outcomes your audience wants? What other offers should you consider making?

3. Your Messaging

This is probably the most important part.

We’re going to go through your messaging. We’ll look at the calls to action in your posts for your opt-ins, the headlines in your emails, your landing pages and your sales emails.

Getting the messaging right can make up for a lot of problems in the first two steps.

When We’re Done…

You’ll have your funnel running as if it was our business.

You’ll be talking to the right people because you’ll have new content ideas to implement that will get them to notice you and make them pay attention.

You’ll know whether to keep or toss your opt-in (or what to create if you don’t have one!) and we’ll make sure you’ve got a solid outcome for your offer. And you’ll know what to create next.

And most importantly your messaging is going to have your audience running for their credit cards.

To sum it up…

Your business is going to look like it would if we took it off of your hands and turned it into a money-making monster.

The cost? $499.

That’s a very, very small price to get our expertise to improve your funnel so that you’re actually making way more than the cost.

If this sounds like something you’re ready to go with then let me know at scrivs@pocketbusiness.com.

And of course, if you have questions then just hit that email as well.