The Focus Challenge

Where would you be if you knew exactly what to work on every week for your business for a year?

How much of your time do you spend planning what to do next? What if you could just spend that time doing what is next?

The Transformation

Somewhere along the line, we came to believe that if we work hard we will succeed.

I’m sorry to tell you that is not true.  

There actually aren’t that many lazy people in the world.  Almost no one is lazy when it comes to working on something they feel passionately about, that will help others and that they believe they can succeed at.

I know you’re not lazy. I know you’ve woken up at 4AM to work on this business thing.  I know you’ve sat with your eyes burning late into the night trying to brute force this business into submission.

You are working so hard. 

You’re just working on the wrong things.

Imagine what that energy would produce if you were working on the right things?  If you never wasted a minute sitting and staring at the screen wondering what to do next?  Whether or not what you were doing meant anything at all?

Imagine if for one whole year you knew exactly what to do every week that would move your business forward?  Where would you be?  What will you have accomplished?

You’ve done content planners and bullet journals and Trello boards and you’ve even got an accountability buddy.

But your business isn’t growing.

What you’re missing is some guidance on what tasks are going to move you forward and what tasks are just leeches on your time.

The Plan

The Focus Challenge is a year-long Challenge with weekly tasks to complete that are laser-focused on moving your business forward.

Every week you get a task and instructions on an item that will help you to accomplish one of the four components of the Business System:

  • Get them to notice you
  • Get them to pay attention to you
  • Get them to trust you
  • Convert that trust into money

You will never, ever have a week go by where you didn’t have the opportunity to make an improvement in your business.

You also get the added bonus of joining a group of others that are just like you, on the same path as you and holding yourself accountable to them.

Accountability used to be known as peer pressure. It was bad when you were a teenager.

It’s very good when you are a (mostly) well adjusted adult.

When you see the mom with 6 kids and two jobs who homeschools in her spare time completing the task for Week 27, you’re going to get off your butt and go complete Week 27.

(If you think I’m joking about moms with 6 kids, 2 jobs and homeschooling, I’m not.)

If you do the weekly tasks to the best of your ability, you can’t not succeed.  It would be like defying gravity.

The Breakdown

I’ve been in your shoes. I’ve spent years (6 YEARS to be exact!) trying to do this without the certainty of working on the right things.

I’ve shed the tears, I’ve felt the frustration. I’ve asked myself, “Why are others succeeding when I am not?” 

What is wrong with me?

There’s one thing wrong with you and it’s the same thing that was wrong with me.  

You’re focusing on the wrong things.

It’s hard not to focus on the wrong things.  

Lots of other people focus on the wrong things and they talk all about how much time they spend focusing on those wrong things, so you think, well she’s doing it.  And he’s doing it.  I can’t not do it, right?

(You actually have to NOT do it.)

The Cost

Don’t buy this if you aren’t prepared to do things that you haven’t done before.

If you think that you can continue to repeat the same steps that you are currently doing and magically because you bought this challenge something will change, you’re wrong.

That’s not how it works.

The challenge is just that. A challenge. You are most definitely going to have to do things that you have not done before and that might take you out of your comfort zone.

You need to get out of your comfort zone. The comfort zone is where dreams go to die.  They die a cozy death wrapped in a comfortable blanket with a smile on their lips but a furrowed brow.  

They are smiling because they are proud they worked SO HARD.  Their brow is furrowed because they are still wondering, WHY DIDN’T IT WORK?  


Do you let your dreams die comfortably?  

Or do you take the challenge, kick off the cozy covers, and actually achieve what you’ve been dreaming about?

The only requirements are that you have a site. It doesn’t need to have content. It doesn’t have to have a fancy theme. It just has to be ready to go meaning you’re ready to do work on it.

Oh, there is one more requirement.

That you show up and do the work.

The Focus Challenge will take care of the rest.