For most of my life I thought I desired things but I really didn’t.

Instead, I had an interest them.

You know how that goes, right?

Hobbies are usually interests. You see something that looks cool, give it a shot, and then give up on it when you realize that you aren’t very good at it.

However, sometimes you stick with a hobby. For some reason you can’t let it go.

You want to get better at it.

You have a DESIRE to get better at it.

At that point, it’s hard to call it a hobby anymore right?

It’s why I don’t like people calling what they do “blogging” or a “side hustle” or anything else besides “business”.

When you say you’re building a business there is no way to mistake that as an interest. There are way more relaxing things you can do with your interests if you want to only have an interest.

Building a business is a desire.

But that’s the thing, most people that think about building a business they don’t think about building a business.

They have an interest in making extra money, quitting a job, or just bragging to their friends.

Building a business is an act. Just saying that you’re building a business implies that you’re conscious of the journey.

And that’s what desire is. You know there is an to the journey you want to reach, but you have a desire to go on that journey.

With an interest you hope the end comes and falls on your lap.

And it never does.

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