The Secret: the Message Is What Really Makes the Money

Get Really Good at Copywriting So You Can Get Really Good at Making Money That You Deserve

Smart Copywriters Save Money. You’re Smart. Be a Copywriter.

This Is Me the Day After Losing $1,000,000

Okay. That’s a lie.

That isn’t me the day after losing $1,000,000.

What you shouldn’t do with your copywriting is lie, but I used that headline to show you how copywriting can pull you in.

It tells a story.

I can’t tell you what story it tells because you get to make it up in your head.

That’s what words will do as well.

With the right words you get to tell the right story. With the right story you get to make the right money.

Copywriting is about making the reader feel something.

You get to decide if that feeling is positive or negative.

Great Copywriting Is a Learnable Skill

Don’t for one second think that copywriting is a skill that people are born with.

Out of all of the business skills that one can learn, copywriting is the one that is the most learnable.


Because there are rules to it.

If you follow the rules, then you have a piece of successful copywriting.

It’s no different than following a recipe in a cookbook.

And the fun part is that the more times you cook the recipe, the more times you get to make tweaks until you truly make it your own.

With the Copywriting Cookbook, you’ll develop the base of knowledge that will make your copywriting effective, and then you’ll begin to make your copywriting sing with your voice.

What’s Inside

I could very easily pretend that mastering copywriting requires a semester’s worth of education.

But it doesn’t.

It simply requires that you understand the principles of great copywriting, apply them, practice them, apply them, and continue that process repeatedly.

Within the Copywriting Cookbook you’ll find the lessons needed to get really good at copywriting.

The rest will be up to you but like any other cookbook, you’ll find yourself returning to it time and time again.

The Community

When you purchase a Pocket Business product, you get access to our community of more than 2000 bloggers and online business owners.

Including me. I’m there every day (and night) answering questions, asking questions and finding ways to stretch your thinking.

But the community isn’t just for finding answers to the questions that come up on a daily basis.

The community is going to be the place that you get to talk to like-minded people that are on the same path as you.

You can bounce ideas around, ask for opinions, share your knowledge and celebrate your wins. With people that actually get it. Because they are working on the same goals.

Most of us don’t have someone in our real lives that really understands what we’re trying to do. The community will give you that camarderie that you are looking for. 

And I think it’s a really important ingredient to your success. 

The Circle Community
The Slack Community

Get It Today for Just $79

$79 is a ridiculous price.


Because that makes sense and it makes for a good story. See, you’re learning about copywriting already!

One Year Money-Back Guarantee

While you can learn the principles of great copywriting overnight, mastering it is going to take time. Much longer than 14 days so you get a full year to go through everything as many times as you want.