The Comfort Zone

It’s amazing how often I hear people say that they are waiting to do something until they feel comfortable.

You probably say that yourself.

But that’s the craziest thing in the world to say.

It’s like saying you’re waiting to eat an apple for the first time until you know what an apple tastes like.

You can’t know what an apple taste like until you take a bite.

It’s the same with anything that you’re waiting to feel comfortable with doing.

Comfort only happens with action.

It’s never some divine intervention the falls upon you that makes you feel comfortable.

You either take action and understand that you’re going to feel uncomfortable until you actually do it or you wait until something else makes you feel even more uncomfortable so doing the prior uncomfortable thing doesn’t seem as bad.

The thing is you never want to wait until something else makes you feel even more uncomfortable because then that means you waited too long.

I waited to start YouTube again until I felt comfortable with video. So why am I doing it now? Because I’m uncomfortable with the idea that nobody finds us unless someone they know recommends us to them.

You never want to wait until you’re comfortable with expanding your comfort zone because the thing about comfort zones is that they don’t like to expand.

The prefer to contract.

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